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8771 How do I do next day shipping? 10/29/2014

8769 Hi. As much as I love coffee, I'm very sensitive to it. Does this beer have actual coffee /caffeine in it, or the s the coffee flavor from the grains? Thanks. 10/25/2014

8767 What is the diameter of the bottom of the 8 gallon pot? 10/24/2014

8764 23 x 24 inches measured how? I would like to know the open bag diameter, across the top center of the bag deminsions. I cannot drap it over the top of my pressing basket unless it will fit over a rim 18" in outside diameter. 10/15/2014

8763 Hi, I would just like to make a quick cheap wine (within two weeks) from store bought canned juice or frozen concentrate. I guess the goal is to get a good buzz. :) what type of yeast do you recommend? 10/14/2014

8762 I've only brewed using the malt extracts - with excellent results - but I'm interested in adding Rye as an adjunct. I've used adjunct grains before - but never rye. Can rye be used in the same manner as the other adjunct grains? 10/14/2014

8761 I've brewed WC Blonde twice and Wizard Wheat (WW) once. The WC was 1.040 SG starting and 1.016 finishing, for batch 1, approx. 3.15% ABV. The second batch was 1.028 SG starting and 1.014 finishing, approx. 1.83% ABV. The WW was 1.036 starting SG and 1.012 finishing, also 3.15% ABV. Not sure of why these inconsistencies. Perhaps a low sugar malt in WC-2?? (good instructions prompt delivery) 9/29/2014

8760 I'm currently doing 5 gal extract brewing but expect to advance to all grain and doing 10 gal. batches. What size brew pot do you recommend for 10 gal? Would a 20 gal be too large and could I brew 5 gal batches in the 20 gal pot in the meantime? 9/27/2014

8757 Hi, what is the difference with corn sugar dextrose and primary sugar dextrose? 9/13/2014

8755 How high does the thermometer read? 8/27/2014

8753 Bought this kit the other day and was wondering if you can tell me the hop varieties that are included in the kit. There are no labels to tell me what is what, other than when to add them in the boil. Can't wait to try this. 8/10/2014

8752 Developing my first Black IPA recipe and looking for the best yeast. Was thinking the Nottingham would do the trick. Would one 11oz pack do the trick for 5gal, or would two be better? 7/28/2014

8751 I wanted to order the spigot kit, but I'm not quite clear what I am getting for $24.70. Can you spell out for me exactly what is going to arrive so I can make sure it's actually what I need? Thanks 7/27/2014

8750 your beer making kits that run 35 and up do they make 5 gallons of beer? 7/24/2014

8748 I've got a few five gallon batches experience under my belt and was considering a kegging system from your store. My question is for transporting the beer I figured a growler would be a good fit but how might I do that with little foam over? 7/23/2014