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8834 Can crystal rye promote a stuck sparge like rye malt and flaked rye can? 4/17/2015

8831 I am beginning to place another order with you. the 10" funnel, I see it comes with a filter screen, I will be using it to filter wine, is it a coarse screen, or fine mesh? I will be needing both. Just need to know which one to order extra. 4/5/2015

8829 What is the alcohol tolerance of this yeast? Thanks. 3/31/2015

8825 Hi- this may be an odd question for you. My son lives in Bogota, Colombia, and is having trouble getting Citra and Simcoe hops. Do you ship hops outside the United States? And if you do, do you have an idea what the costs can be for 2-4 pounds of hops? Many thanks- Charlie 3/22/2015

8824 I need the hoses for all the connections to this filter Model T29213 and a diagram or instructions for set up of filter pads 3/21/2015

8823 What about the trub? I use DME and have been pleased enough with the results. Looking at this kettle and where the siphon valve is I can't help but wonder if the trub won't get sucked up first and/or clog the valve? I have seen false bottoms out there but they seem more for all grain - am I right in assuming that the trub is too fine for the false bottom to stop? Someday I may go with all grain but for now I am pleased with DME - I just want to make sure I am getting the best possible results . . . 3/15/2015

8821 will this work for american ales I've been using us-05 and how will compare in taste? 3/9/2015

8816 Will the Zorks work for 1.5L wine bottles? 2/21/2015

8814 I just bought a 1 gallon jug from you. I need stoppers for the 3 piece airlock. What size stoppers should I buy? 2/16/2015

8812 I have a batch that is almost 7 gallons - would 1 packet of Super-Kleer work? Would 2 be over kill? 2/10/2015

8811 Ok, this is my first time with a mead kit so I have a couple questions. First question is: to me it sounds like this is a complete basic mead that I can eventually add juices and/or spices to. Is this correct? Second question: after reading what has been said about the mead blend, is it actually a mix of acid blend and yeast nutrients? 1/29/2015

8808 Is the bottom flat or does it have a ridge? 1/24/2015

8807 I would like to make a real low alcohol content beer, can I get this done by not adding anything to the current mix (like not adding any sugar or any more extract) 1/23/2015

8806 When will you be getting the 50# bags of Dextrose in stock again? Your website has shown them out of stock for quite some time. I would like to come and get a bag, but don't want to make the trip if you are out. I of course could order them online, as I do shop online from time to time.. anyway.. the big question here is when! Thanks, Steve 1/20/2015

8803 I am interested in your stainless steel thermometer for cheese making. I am wondering if the 4 degree variance will make it sensitive enough for that purpose. Also, I am wondering if you carry these in stock. I live close, so I could stop by. 1/16/2015