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8780 Could I use honey with Vintner's Harvest Elderberry fruit base puree instead of sugar? How much honey would you recommend if I plan to make a 3 gallon batch? Also, could a blend of honey and table sugar be used? If so, what amounts would you suggest for a 3 gallon batch? Thank you! 11/23/2014

8779 I tried making the orange soda years ago, and it had flavor but not carbonation. is there a good sugar to use and for the champange yeast which is recommended for the best results? 11/18/2014

8777 We bought 750 ml claret bottles and tasting corks for them but the corks seem a bit small and come out easily. We are planning on making limoncello. Will the corks expand? 11/13/2014

8774 I purchased on of the 8 gallon hydraulic presses from you and was able to process almost a ton of grapes with no trouble. I have always cleaned thoroughly everything, but the beech wood basket has absorbed some wine that I am concerned will spoil and contaminate next year's wine. Do you have any instruction sheets for cleaning these wood baskets? 11/4/2014

8772 Where can I find information about how to make essential oils with my Turbo Air Still pls? 11/2/2014

8771 How do I do next day shipping? 10/29/2014

8769 Hi. As much as I love coffee, I'm very sensitive to it. Does this beer have actual coffee /caffeine in it, or the s the coffee flavor from the grains? Thanks. 10/25/2014

8767 What is the diameter of the bottom of the 8 gallon pot? 10/24/2014

8764 23 x 24 inches measured how? I would like to know the open bag diameter, across the top center of the bag deminsions. I cannot drap it over the top of my pressing basket unless it will fit over a rim 18" in outside diameter. 10/15/2014

8763 Hi, I would just like to make a quick cheap wine (within two weeks) from store bought canned juice or frozen concentrate. I guess the goal is to get a good buzz. :) what type of yeast do you recommend? 10/14/2014

8762 I've only brewed using the malt extracts - with excellent results - but I'm interested in adding Rye as an adjunct. I've used adjunct grains before - but never rye. Can rye be used in the same manner as the other adjunct grains? 10/14/2014

8761 I've brewed WC Blonde twice and Wizard Wheat (WW) once. The WC was 1.040 SG starting and 1.016 finishing, for batch 1, approx. 3.15% ABV. The second batch was 1.028 SG starting and 1.014 finishing, approx. 1.83% ABV. The WW was 1.036 starting SG and 1.012 finishing, also 3.15% ABV. Not sure of why these inconsistencies. Perhaps a low sugar malt in WC-2?? (good instructions prompt delivery) 9/29/2014

8760 I'm currently doing 5 gal extract brewing but expect to advance to all grain and doing 10 gal. batches. What size brew pot do you recommend for 10 gal? Would a 20 gal be too large and could I brew 5 gal batches in the 20 gal pot in the meantime? 9/27/2014

8757 Hi, what is the difference with corn sugar dextrose and primary sugar dextrose? 9/13/2014

8755 How high does the thermometer read? 8/27/2014