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8713 What's the thread size and type for the bottom of the sight glass? 4/16/2014

8712 I am a friend of Bruce Low's. I am wanting to get started brewing my own Wheat Beer. I am looking at your Deluxe Brew Kit that has a choice between an indoor or ourdoor Wort Chiller. I have no clue what one of those is. Can you please elaborate? 4/13/2014

8711 What are your business hours? 4/7/2014

8710 Is the wood on the press barrel treated with anything? 4/7/2014

8709 How many bottles come in the 1 liter box? Also, how many bottles come in the 1/2 liter box, and how much are they? I saw them in the store but not on this site. 4/5/2014

8708 Does this capper have a magnet in it to hold the cap? 4/3/2014

8707 How much fruit or pulp will the 24"x24" fine mesh strainer bag hold poundwise? I am wanting to make a recipe that uses 6 lb of fruit. Will this bag be sufficient, or can you recommend one that will work better? 4/1/2014

8706 Just wanted to know the difference between C&B Distillers Yeast and Whiskey Yeast? Is it possible to use C&B Distillers Yeast to make Whiskey? The Whiskey Yeast seems a little expensive. 3/31/2014

8704 Is this thermometer calibrated? 3/23/2014

8703 What gauge is the stainless steel on the 32quart kettle combo and is polished or brushed? 3/20/2014

8702 For the Nectar of the Gods mead ingredients kit one of the steps reads "In about a week or two, or three..., the fermentation activity will slow down considerably, or stop altogether." What should be the determining factor of this occurrence? Should I watch for when the airlock bubbles a certain amount of times per minute, take a data set of gravity readings over a couple days and look for no change? Simply put, what is the best/correct way to determine when fermentation activity stops in . . . 3/18/2014

8701 Thanks for your previous responses. This is a follow up on question 8700. If I am to add 1lb of molasses or maple syrup, How will this effect the OG & FG. Thanks again for your help 3/17/2014

8700 I read somewhere, don't remember if it was on your site or not, that you could add brown sugar, molasses, or, I was thinking, maple syrup to some kits to add flavor and alcohol content. How much should I try for a five gallon brew? 3/14/2014

8699 I am in the tenth day of brewing your Belgian Ale Kit. The temperature as remained between 70-74F for the duration. I am still seeing a bubble every 55-65 seconds. Is this normal? 3/14/2014

8698 Hello Homebrew! I recently purchased your wine(mead)-making kit and a kit for the Nectar of the Gods. Upon reading the instructions there is a point where it is recommended to warm the primary fermentation up to 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Is this for only the duration of primary fermentation, or do I keep the temperature at 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit for secondary fermentation as well? Would the brew cycle still work if I were to leave it at room temperature instead of raising it? And lastly . . . 3/10/2014