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8750 your beer making kits that run 35 and up do they make 5 gallons of beer? 7/24/2014

8748 I've got a few five gallon batches experience under my belt and was considering a kegging system from your store. My question is for transporting the beer I figured a growler would be a good fit but how might I do that with little foam over? 7/23/2014

8747 hi,can you ship to China? 7/23/2014

8746 I'm making my first batch of mead using Wyeast Sweat Mead Yeast #4184 and I'd like to make it sparkling... if I use regular priming sugar will I risk bottle bombs? 7/19/2014

8745 Is the bag 3'high by 2' across or the other way around. I plan to use a 10 Gal Igloo drink cooler which is 2' tall and without a little more height I'm afraid the bag top will simply drop into the cooler. Thanks MB 7/19/2014

8744 What is the max liquid temp that this bucket can hold? 7/12/2014

8739 I am currently making your Cru orange chocolate port wine. Is the kit already fortified or can I add a spirit before bottling? 6/25/2014

8737 I just purchased your meade kit and I also bought a the sweet yeast pack. first question is do i still use the yeast you included in my kit or just use the sweet yeast pack i bought. Question 2 I bought some extra honey from your store. I heard by adding more honey that it would add more flavor and higher alchol content. what is your oppion on this? 6/23/2014

8732 Can you send stuff abroad exactly to korea?, if so how long does it take from payment?? 6/14/2014

8731 Would these fit on bartop spirit bottles? 18.5mm and 21.5mm t-cork 6/13/2014

8729 Do you ship to Canada? 6/3/2014

8728 I have two 1 lb bags of Dried Malt Extract. one of Briess Golden Extract and one of Briess Bravarian Wheat. If I'm going for a light summer type ale, which one would I add at the beginning and would I then be able to add another half of the other bag close to the end of the boiling process? 6/1/2014

8727 The 16" aluminum sightglass doesn't appear to be available in the select dropdown. Is it sold out? 5/22/2014

8726 What is the AA% for Falconer's Flight? 5/22/2014

8725 I have a question about yeast strains and alcoholic lemonade. Recently I made a few batches using Lalvin EC 1118. The lemonade turned out fairly alcoholic but very dry. drinkable but not the taste I was looking for. For my next attempt I am considering either Lalvin 71B -1122 or Wyeast liquid cider yeast. I thought the 71B 1122 may be a good choice as it supposedly metabolises acid and promotes a fruit flavour. Could you offer advice with regards to either of these yeasts and producing an alcoholic . . . 5/21/2014