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1088 Is the unscented Shea Cream okay to use on the face as a moisturizer? 3/17/2018

1087 Do you have soaps without coconut oil? I have an allergy to it. 3/3/2018

1085 Are you able to combine oil? Do you have Ylang ylang? If so, can you combine Patchouili and Ylang ylang? 2/2/2018

1080 How many ounces is in this package? 12/4/2017

1079 What size is this product (weight and package size)? 11/11/2017

1078 How much of a scent does the Herbal Remedy variety have (compared to the unscented)? While I don't have any sensitivity to natural fragrances, I plan to use this for backpacking and try to avoid scented products as much as possible. 11/11/2017

1077 Can the lotion potion spray be used in place of wipes? I bought cloth wipes and was hoping to use this as a spray. Thanks! 11/9/2017

1073 Men's soap which one of these items is good to keep skin moist through out the day? 9/14/2017

1072 I'm looking for your unscented shea butter lip balm stick. I must have bought it in Chapel Hill or Carrboro but I can't remember where. Seems silly to order it and pay shipping if I can find it in town. Thanks! 9/11/2017

1071 What is the diameter of the shaving soap cake? 8/29/2017

1069 Is there a chance you will ever do perfumes out of your scents? Specifically, the sandalwood vanilla? I can't find anyone who makes this combination that I love even a fraction as much as yours. I know the answer is probably no but I have to ask. Thanks! 8/2/2017

1068 Hi, Two questions. Do you apply this spray to your body, or only your clothes? Also, is it safe for pregnant women to use? Thanks! 7/15/2017

1065 Where do you get the essential oils that are used in the diaper lotion potion? 6/11/2017

1064 Does the spray have an expiration date? How long can you store, one season, multiple seasons? 6/10/2017

1063 Hi! I have three questions: There are some members of my family that are slightly sensitive to some essential oils and I was wondering about what the percentage of each oil is that you use in this spray? Also, does the jojoba oil stain clothes? I would be hesitant to use an oil based spray on my clothes and like to spray my clothes as well as skin especially this time of year when ticks are very active. My third question is, do you know if all the essential oils used and the concentration is suitable . . . 6/9/2017