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1118 Does this work with cloth diapers? A friend gave me some baby's bottom diaper ointment spray, which is wonderful, but I am also looking for something a little more heavy duty for diaper rash Thank you, Maggy White 10/31/2019

1117 How many steamers come in one order? 10/31/2019

1111 how many bars of soap is in your logs? 4/11/2019

1109 Is this new born safe? 3/3/2019

1108 I live in Raleigh. I visited Urban Chicken to see your products. But they carry very limited choices. I wonder if I can visit your place and buy from you directly. 2/2/2019

1107 Do you all still make the large body cream with just vanilla scent (no sandalwood)? This is what I usually order. Thank you! 1/17/2019

1106 This item is listed at Green Mountain Diaper website and says "no lavender and no tea tree essential oils" However they are listed as ingredients on this site and on the listing on Amazon. Are these different products or is some of the information incorrect? Thank you 1/8/2019

1104 I use your Unscented Shave Soap. Sadly however, it's a little too large to fit in my shaving mug. I have been "shaving it" until it fits up to now, but that's a rather indirect science. Can the soap be placed on top of the shaving mug, then microwaved for a few seconds to get it to fit? 12/10/2018

1099 I would like to order the herbal remedy body butter that I received in the royal gift basket. However, I only see the citrus body cream. Do you only sell it in the gift basket? I really do not use all the items in the basket, but this cream is amazing!! 9/23/2018

1098 How long is the bugs at bay effective until I have to respray. 8/2/2018

1097 Hi. Is this safe for my dog? Thank you. 7/14/2018

1096 Hello Rachel, I am excited to try Bugs at Bay this summer! I understand that Bugs at Bay can safely be used during pregnancy, correct? Also, can it safely be used on a 2-year old or should I use the baby version? Thank you! Emily 7/1/2018

1095 Hi! Is this bug stray biodegradable? If so, does it say it on the bottle? My family and I will be taking a trip to Canun and everything needs to be biodegradable when doing the excursions. Thanks in advance. 6/26/2018

1093 Hi! Is this product safe for dogs? I know sometimes even if the essential oils are safe, the concentrations needed to be effective for bug repelling are too much for a dogs sense of smell which is much more sensitive than ours. I know I contacted the Badger company and their bug spray is too strong for dogs. Appproximately how much essential oil is in this spray? Thiers, I believe, was around 12%. Thanks, Vicki 6/23/2018

1092 is the bottle made of plastic? thank you 6/15/2018