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1136 This is foaming soap concentrate, right? Not just normal liquid soap? 8/13/2020

1134 does the herbal spray keep bugs away ? 7/24/2020

1133 What is the best way to cut the log into soap bars? 7/19/2020

1132 Is there a place I could pick up my order? Mailing adds equivalent of another bar, I rather buy more from you! 7/2/2020

1130 I have a 17 year old son who deals with black heads around his nose and it’s very dry. Which soap would be good for him? 5/9/2020

1127 Are your foaming hand soap antibacterial to fight to use as a sanitizer? I am currently using Dial foam hand sanitizer. 4/3/2020

1126 Would like to know the difference between both baby bottom and potion spray ? I bought the baby bottom last Saturday at the Durham farmer market and it’s amazing my baby has been fighting a diaper rash for weeks now have tried every diaper ointment you can imagine, and the baby bottom spray worked over night ! Would love to place a order unfortunately I just found out the farmers market is closed til further notice .. 3/21/2020

1125 How exactly do you go about making this in to hand soap? What’s the ratio of concentrate to water? How long *should* this last? Thanks! 1/27/2020

1123 Hi! I got this for Christmas and the lavender is lovely. But the small muslin bag for using in the dryer was not included. Can I get one sent to me? I'd really like to use it the way described but need the smaller bag to use. Thanks! 1/1/2020

1122 I'm getting charged for shipping even though shipping is supposed to be free for $50 order and my order is $92. Help. 12/6/2019

1121 Just to clarify, would I have to buy 4 logs all of the same scent? Or can I buy 4 different scented logs? 12/6/2019

1120 Have items in cart, got to checkout and postage was added. The email received was Free Postage and 30% off until 12.3.2019. What happened - order on hold waiting 4 reply. 12/3/2019

1119 What are the scents for Floral and Feminine? 11/21/2019

1118 Does this work with cloth diapers? A friend gave me some baby's bottom diaper ointment spray, which is wonderful, but I am also looking for something a little more heavy duty for diaper rash Thank you, Maggy White 10/31/2019

1117 How many steamers come in one order? 10/31/2019