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1097 Hi. Is this safe for my dog? Thank you. 7/14/2018

1096 Hello Rachel, I am excited to try Bugs at Bay this summer! I understand that Bugs at Bay can safely be used during pregnancy, correct? Also, can it safely be used on a 2-year old or should I use the baby version? Thank you! Emily 7/1/2018

1095 Hi! Is this bug stray biodegradable? If so, does it say it on the bottle? My family and I will be taking a trip to Canun and everything needs to be biodegradable when doing the excursions. Thanks in advance. 6/26/2018

1093 Hi! Is this product safe for dogs? I know sometimes even if the essential oils are safe, the concentrations needed to be effective for bug repelling are too much for a dogs sense of smell which is much more sensitive than ours. I know I contacted the Badger company and their bug spray is too strong for dogs. Appproximately how much essential oil is in this spray? Thiers, I believe, was around 12%. Thanks, Vicki 6/23/2018

1092 is the bottle made of plastic? thank you 6/15/2018

1091 When ordering the scratch and dent soaps .. are they random? Is there a way to know what is available to purchase? 6/11/2018

1089 Is this soap available in a "hand" size? I think I'm seeing a bath bar and a "mega" bar. I'm looking for something on the order of 2 oz. 5/25/2018

1088 Is the unscented Shea Cream okay to use on the face as a moisturizer? 3/17/2018

1087 Do you have soaps without coconut oil? I have an allergy to it. 3/3/2018

1085 Are you able to combine oil? Do you have Ylang ylang? If so, can you combine Patchouili and Ylang ylang? 2/2/2018

1080 How many ounces is in this package? 12/4/2017

1079 What size is this product (weight and package size)? 11/11/2017

1078 How much of a scent does the Herbal Remedy variety have (compared to the unscented)? While I don't have any sensitivity to natural fragrances, I plan to use this for backpacking and try to avoid scented products as much as possible. 11/11/2017

1077 Can the lotion potion spray be used in place of wipes? I bought cloth wipes and was hoping to use this as a spray. Thanks! 11/9/2017

1073 Men's soap which one of these items is good to keep skin moist through out the day? 9/14/2017