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Is this product safe for dogs? I know sometimes even if the essential oils are safe, the concentrations needed to be effective for bug repelling are too much for a dogs sense of smell which is much more sensitive than ours. I know I contacted the Badger company and their bug spray is too strong for dogs. Appproximately how much essential oil is in this spray? Thiers, I believe, was around 12%.

Thanks, Vicki

Response From MoonDance Soaps & More
Hi Vicki,

I have to agree that our Bugs At Bay Spray might be a bit too strong in scent for regular use on a dog. Our essential oil blend is slightly less than 12%, but potent nonetheless. I think you could use it in a pinch, but would rather not recommend it for regular use.

If you do decide to give it a try, I would avoid spraying anywhere near the nose. If your pup's ears are getting eaten up, I would spray your own hands and then lightly caress their ears and top of the head for just a little whiff.

~ Rachel