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1096 None 7/1/2018

Hello Rachel,

I am excited to try Bugs at Bay this summer! I understand that Bugs at Bay can safely be used during pregnancy, correct? Also, can it safely be used on a 2-year old or should I use the baby version?

Thank you!

Response From MoonDance Soaps & More
Hi Emily,

Using the Adult formulation most likely won't be an issue, but personally, I'd opt for the Baby formulation and err on the side of caution. (We didn't switch our own children over to the Adult formulation until they were roughly 4 years of age.)

As an aside, you can use the Baby formulation on the adults in your home as well with great bug repelling results. It's use doesn't have to be limited to just your 2-year old.

Have a wonderful, bug-free summer!

~ Rachel