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1104 None 12/10/2018

I use your Unscented Shave Soap. Sadly however, it's a little too large to fit in my shaving mug. I have been "shaving it" until it fits up to now, but that's a rather indirect science. Can the soap be placed on top of the shaving mug, then microwaved for a few seconds to get it to fit?

Response From MoonDance Soaps & More
Hi John,

I'm glad you've been enjoying our Shave Soap. Unfortunately, our soaps are not the "melt and pour" kind. We use the old fashioned "cold process" method of soap making, which means starting from the raw oils and butters and includes a three to four week cure time in our climate controlled curing room. While this method yields an exceptional quality bar of soap, it's not the more ready-made type of melt and pour soap that you sometimes come across.

While it's a bit of a bummer that you can't just heat the bar up and have it melt to fit your favorite shaving mug exactly, I hope you'll agree that the quality of the soap makes the process of cutting your bar a bit down to size worth it.

Thanks for being such a great customer and taking the time to contact us with your question.

~ Rachel