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This item is listed at Green Mountain Diaper website and says "no lavender and no tea tree essential oils" However they are listed as ingredients on this site and on the listing on Amazon. Are these different products or is some of the information incorrect? Thank you

Response From MoonDance Soaps & More
Good Morning, Stephanie,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us with your question. We have two varieties of Diaper Lotion Potion. The original formulation does indeed contain Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils. Earlier in 2018, we began using organic jojoba oil and launched an "HERBAL" version that doesn't contain any essential oils.

Both varieties are available on our website and on Amazon. Green Mountain Diaper only carries the HERBAL version. To help you tell them apart, the white background labels, are the Lavender & Tea Tree version. The pale green "Herbal" Lotion Potion label contains no essential oils.

We even created a website to try and make the differentiation a little more obvious for our customers.