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1109 None 3/3/2019

Is this new born safe?

Response From MoonDance Soaps & More
Hi Cody,

Thank you for considering our products for the care of your newborn. Yes, our Diaper Lotion Potion line should be newborn safe, but we ALWAYS recommend a spot test before application. Our ingredients are all natural and hypo-allergenic. That said, every individual can have allergic or adverse reactions to absolutely ANYTHING.

Please do a spot test. The inside of your newborn's elbow is a great spot to try. If any sign of a negative reaction appears over say a 6-12 hour time frame, this might not be the product for your little one.

One other tip if you decide to purchase our products, for the Diaper Lotion Spray, spritz the wipe rather than spritzing directly on baby's bottom. Newborns may startle at the spritz of a cold liquid. Older children adjust and come to actually enjoy the cooling relief, but for newborns, I always like to spritz the cloth rather than baby's bum directly.

Newborns are oh so special. Delicate babies need a lot of extra TLC. I encourage you to spot test absolutely any product you select, not just ours. Enjoy this special time!!!

~ Rachel DuBois
Owner, MoonDance Soaps & More