Making The Best eCommerce Platform

With so many applications available, it is hard to choose the right eCommerce platform. Best guesses are not going cut it if you want the most effective and comprehensive solution in a busy online market. You need the kind of tools that are used by the top eCommerce platforms. Literally millions of digital applications are available at any given moment. A new software application is released at a rate of about one every thirty seconds. The appearance of new software is compounded by a constant stream of updates and software plug-ins. This exponentially increases the number of application versions available at any given moment. It is hard to know which is best. ECommerce software, social networking applications, web browsing platforms, and streaming media players are especially sensitive to this constant influx of newly developed software.

No two versions of software share the exact same architecture as any other. Frustrating issues with compatibility can arise as new software and hardware technology is made to adapt to the existing framework. The software environment is under constant update and revision, a moving target that is never in the same place twice. This makes integrating the latest software applications an unending task. It requires an investment of a great deal of time and effort in order to take full advantage of the latest tools available. Any new feature has the potential to further enable users. A new development might give you an edge that no other could. Yet each of these developments also presents a new challenge to integrate these tools into a working framework. It is difficult to make every new technology an advantage instead of letting it hinder you.

Software that enables the integration and cross-compatibility with other software applications is referred to as a software platform. A platform will save you the trouble of having to separately configure and use each individual application. Top platforms, eCommerce or otherwise, are the ones that enable users to operate a variety of useful applications within the same software environment. Your web browser is a kind of software platform. Operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Apple's OS X, are also software platforms. The OS (Operating System) software platform on your phone is different from the OS software that you use for personal computing.

Each OS also integrates with a number of smaller software platforms that bring subsets of individual applications together into the greater, cohesive whole. The best eCommerce platform benefits from this kind of nesting interface. This makes it much easier for individual users to operate from a single point without sacrificing control over their software environment. E-Commerce software functionality is integral to eCommerce platforms. Top down solutions work the same way an eCommerce platform best serves you by providing a consistent experience for all users at all levels. Integration with modules and software partners can often enhance the overall performance of the top eCommerce platforms.

What To Look For In The Top E-Commerce Platforms

The top eCommerce platforms enable users by balancing efficiency with function. Shopping cart abandonment is increasing even as more customers use e-Commerce software. It happens across the board in B2C (Business to Consumer), B2B (Business to Business), and C2C (Consumer to Consumer) markets. Despite this, the overall trend towards online sales continues to climb. The best eCommerce platform incorporates options customers want without overloading them on their way to finalizing their purchase. The majority of customers are satisfied once they have completed the transaction. The top eCommerce platforms will insist on using the best eCommerce software available to ease the process of selection and purchase. Customers should experience a quick, easy sales process regardless of whether they are a dedicated returning customer who have registered in order to purchase, or those casual one-time customers who just saw something they liked.

CRM Focused e-Commerce Software Capabilities

The best eCommerce Platform uses functions like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities that keep you in close touch with your customer base. CRM allows you to keep track of leads with a number of useful features. Set follow up dates to further communication with potential leads. Group mail to groups of customers based on your custom criteria. Our CRM platform allows utilizes segmentation as well. With this feature our eCommerce software can control your customer account options by organizing your customers by type. Customers can be given a login and password to view customized content, as well as to enable fast, repeat purchases.

CRM includes product pricing and visibility, with any applicable discounts, and billing options, all sorted by customer type. Transition is easy between B2C and B2B customers when you can change pricing and visibility based on customer type. With Nexternal's shopping cart software, eCommerce B2B customers can make their purchases with the same level of convenience they expect from a B2C retail store. Nexternal's CRM focused eCommerce software allows you to time stamp customer activities and gather relevant data on sales, such as averages and shopping cart conversion rates. Business metrics can help you identify key issues in your approach to online markets and adapt accordingly.

Mobile Storefront

Sales via mobile network are constantly increasing. ECommerce software must be adaptable to multiple software environments to keep up with retail consumers. Automatically redirect your customers to your mobile storefront when they browse your online shop on their phone without requiring anyone to download a new app. Our mobile storefront allows customers to have many of the same functions as your regular online store. The best eCommerce software lets users browse your inventory, search for products, and log into their account, redeem gift certificates, apply coupons, post reviews, ask questions, and even change devices without losing the items they have picked.

Nexternal's Cart Keeper

The top eCommerce platforms are adaptable. Nexternal, a HighJump company, utilizes cart keeper technology to deliver the best eCommerce software experience. Cart keeper retains product selections made on other devices or browsers as your customer changes devices. Nexternal's cart keeper can track sales via internet cookies or customer login. New selections can be consolidated to help customers keep the products they choose when they switch devices. Their virtual shopping cart will follow them to wherever they are browsing at a given moment. By retaining sales information across browsers and devices sales the sale can be retained regardless of the device used to finalize the transaction. These features decrease cart abandonment by giving customers a unified experience.

OMS: Order Management Software

The OMS (Order Management System) is a complete CRM tool that is integral to Nexternal's e-Commerce software. OMS is web-based, allowing users to access and control their account remotely. OMS enables you to record sales activities, track orders, generate reports, and capture orders outside of online transactions, such as mail, phone, and fax orders. OMS is your key to effective inventory management, as well as order fulfillment. You can use OMS to update your product catalog from anywhere. Keep your inventory up to date with real time data. Print shipping labels for major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the USPS. OMS allows you to set different user levels for as many users as you need. You can limit full access to those who need it without preventing anyone else from using OMS. The best eCommerce software can make sure only relevant customers are visible to sales reps to keep them focused, while order fulfillment gets a much wider view.

It has many features that further empower marketing, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools, product data feeds from major online marketplaces, and a bulk E-Mail Wizard. OMS is designed to help you launch sophisticated marketing campaigns that target customers based on metrics you gather in real-time from our e-Commerce software. OMS also has the flexibility to integrate with many 3rd party applications using XML.

XML Tools

The top eCommerce platforms do not work alone. XML Tools allow your data to be synchronized and integrated with a number of third party applications that can automate many of your business functions. Real-time integration means you can put your data to work for you. Systems like QuickBooks, Oracle, Sage,, and Microsoft Dynamics can be incorporated into the Nexternal eCommerce Platform to keep you from having to go from system to system to get things done. Instead, make Nexternal's eCommerce Platform your one stop eCommerce center.

TrueCommerce Connect And TrueCommerce EDI

TrueCommerce Connect is a component of the TrueCommerce eStore Integration. It sends your Nexternal order data into your business management system via the TrueCommerce network. Data is transferred from here to your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software) or your chosen accounting system. Accounting software harnesses TrueCommerce Connect to simplify order fulfillment and data entry. TrueCommerce Connect exchanges eCommerce software information with your accounting software, and major ERPs like QuickBooks, Sage 50, NetSuite, or Microsoft Dynamics. Automate order status changes by defining triggers appropriate to your order fulfillment and invoicing procedure.

TrueCommerce EDI allows you to reach customers requiring EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) compliance. EDI exchanges data using a standardized format, allowing companies to send information to one another without a lot of paperwork. With TrueCommerce EDI you can sell to all kind of retailers and distributors without needing to switch the entire EDI or eCommerce platform. The best e-Commerce software gives you this kind of flexibility.

Amazon Seller Central And Automated Daily Marketplace Feeds

Your online presence can extend way beyond your store. The best eCommerce platform will have options that allow you to put your product out, including integration with and a number of marketplace feeds. The best e-Commerce software works with Amazon. Amazon can account for more than half the sales for some of our clients. We can automatically synchronize your inventory and pricing with Amazon Seller Central, letting you join the largest eCommerce marketplace in the world. Sales generated on will automatically be updated into the Nexternal OMS, keeping all of your orders in one place. By sending updates to popular online marketplaces you can put yourself on the map with a number of high traffic sellers. Automated daily marketplace feeds can boost sales, ensuring you are taking advantage of the best eCommerce platform . Popular online marketplaces include Google Product Search, PriceGrabber, Yahoo Shopping, Shopzilla, NexTag, PriceGrabber, TheFind, and Join these popular sellers to put yourself in front of more customers and drive more online traffic in your direction.

Shipping Integration

With so many shipping options we cannot expect you to choose just one. Nexternal eCommerce software has integration and web tools for major shippers, giving you shipping options at a real time pace. Receive orders and print labels without the need for different eCommerce platforms. Top down approaches to controlling your business are simplified when you use the best eCommerce software. Everything is easier to manage when it all comes from the same system.

Comparing The B2B Portal To The B2C

Experience Both B2C and B2B transactions utilize the same shopping cart software. The difference is in the implementation. B2C customers need a more generalized experience. B2B customers need a more customized experience. The best ecommerce platform can deliver both. Many B2C customers go to essentially the same market, as the majority will be the same customer type. Whether or not they log in, these retail customers will see the same products and prices. The key to these customers is convenience. The B2C shopping cart is highly customizable, built to enable fast, easy transactions. Let us demonstrate for you!

For B2B customers, the best eCommerce platform is similar, with a few key differences. For one, your store is password-protected. When these customers log in to your store through the business portal, each customer type can be given individual pricing and product visibility. There is no limit to the number of customer types you can implement. The best eCommerce software shows customers exactly what they need to see without having to explain the value judgments you have made to determine someone else's pricing. Gain the benefits of a personalized shopping experience to B2B customers without sacrificing the kind of tools best eCommerce platform can give you.