What Makes Nexternal The Best Of Ecommerce Platforms

Online sales are constantly growing. More and more users are transitioning away from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to the online marketplace. Ecommerce platforms enable online sellers to distribute their products to a variety of customer types, depending on their approach to the marketplace. Ecommerce shopping carts are what enable consumers to select and purchase products from an online store. Nexternal, a HighJump company, empowers users with our comprehensive suite of software and integration options. By tying a multitude of software capabilities with powerful marketing tools and apps we can bring a number of novel features under the umbrella of one manageable control center.

All ecommerce platforms are not built the same. Nexternal couples CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities with OMS (Order Management Software) to follow every step of a sale, from selection through to its fulfillment and future follow-ups. Take advantage of marketing tools and the many integration options available to fully realize the best marketing strategy. Operate without having to rely on multiple platforms. Ecommerce is made simple with help from Nexternal.

How Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software Interacts With Ecommerce Platforms

Ecommerce shopping cart software should always be a major focus of effective ecommerce platforms. Regardless of whether you are looking at a B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), or C2C (Consumer to Consumer) market, you want your orders to be placed and fulfilled from the same e-Commerce platform. Our ecommerce shopping carts operate smoothly regardless of the customer type. Customers who need unique pricing and product selections can log in through our B2B portal, giving them a customized view of your products. Use features like our B2B ecommerce shopping carts to control what appears in your customer's shop without affecting anyone else's experience.

Marketing shouldn't be eating up your entire schedule. Automation gives you some of your time back. Use automatic updates to keep on top of everything without actually having to do everything. Reordering can be set at specific intervals for customers with established orders. E-mail wizard software allows you to message specific customers with offers based on your own custom criteria. You can also schedule your targeted marketing campaigns months ahead of time. CRM capabilities include lead tracking and followup that makes it easy to keep tabs on your customer base.

Our designers have taken the customization of Nexternal's e-Commerce platform beyond predesigned templates. Nexternal's designers can configure your store in a way that is consistent with the brand you have established. We aim to provide you with a natural extension of your existing online presence, something that matches your original intent with the level of responsiveness that your customers will appreciate. Nexternal can also give you a highly customizable mobile presence. Customers can see a mobile storefront that simplifies your store for phones without losing sight of your brand and the experience you want your customers to share.

Follow your customers with our cart keeper. When your customer changes browsers or switches devices, customers can still keep items they've selected in their ecommerce shopping carts. With the cart keeper our ecommerce shopping carts are omnipresent across a number of devices, browsers, and operating systems. Ecommerce is easier when you can demonstrate reliability across the board.

Our ecommerce shopping cart software can accommodate special features like coupon entry, social media sharing, and referrals. Buttons are placed in plain sight but not in an obtrusive manner, preventing them from interfering with sales while giving customers new options to work with and promote your products. Help your customers complete more transactions by reducing the number of steps to purchase. Guest checkout, easy login, and integration with Amazon can help ease customers into sales by removing unnecessary roadblocks from ecommerce shopping carts.

Mobile Storefront

Extend your presence with our advanced cataloging and inventory management. Our ecommerce shopping cart software takes advantage of categorized inventories to increase customer responses to your offers. You can also separate customers into any number of types in order to provide special products and offers without changing the look of their ecommerce shopping carts. A data-rich website will generate much needed attention, especially from organic search engines, which are a free source of many potential customers. A good e-Commerce platform is incomplete without good data management. Analyze captured data and adjust your approach to the market. Search order and customer history to know what's going on with every customer, allowing you to serve them promptly and professionally. Ecommerce shopping cart software can also gather figures on ecommerce shopping cart abandonment, information you can use to reduce barriers to future transactions.

The Nexternal Ecommmerce Platform: Beyond Online Sales

Not all ecommerce platforms can combine sales from multiple sources like the Nexternal e-Commerce platform. Nexternal doesn't just enable sales through their virtual shopping carts. Ecommerce isn't only about online sales, after all. Whether you use independent sales reps, a call center, affiliates, retail POS (Point of Sale) systems, or Amazon, your sales data can be compiled into a single searchable e-Commerce platform. Orders can always be taken online, even by mobile phone. Manual data entry, online orders, automated orders, and orders from other sources, such as phone, fax and mail, are kept in the same place.

Lead tracking is simplified with CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement). CRM allows you to track sales information and follow leads. Sales representatives can be limited with access to only their own customers, with a daily list of contacts provided by the "Today" feature to keep sales going forward.

You can also get a leg up when you are integrated with Salesforce.com. We include a free turn-key application, the Nexternal ecommerce Connector. This app can be found in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Vastly Improve Customer Service with Centralized Ecommerce Platforms

For users, separate logins help to keep everyone focused on their part of the business. Employee experiences of ecommerce platforms can be tailored to suit their individual needs. Order fulfillment won't see the same thing as your sales reps, for instance. Reps can also add notes to an account if a customer has any special considerations so they can continue to receive the best possible service.

Business metrics and report generation allows you to investigate the individual gears that form your business. Customer data from your ecommerce shopping cart software can help you gauge your marketing decisions based on real-time results. Reporting is fast and easy. Your data can also be shared with third party software to automate business processes that normally aren't within the scope of ecommerce platforms.

Relay the Necessary Facts To Sales, Accounting, Management, and Your Account Specialists

Our inventory control system keeps track of sales, returns, and cancellations. Inventory can be defined by criteria such as size and color, allowing separate tracking for different inventory levels under the same general listing. Inventory can also be updated from retail store sales via Nexternal's XML Inventory Update, allowing you to pool inventory from other systems as well. Get notifications when something's running low. Specify whether that item that runs out of stock should be backordered or discontinued.

Nexternal can easily transition purchases from ecommerce shopping carts to the fulfillment stage. Order processing allows you to produce packing slips, invoices, and automated emails as necessary. Use our Batch Order Processing to process large numbers of orders, printing invoices and packing slips in bulk to save time on large numbers of orders. Integrated software and web tools give you access to major shippers without having to change ecommerce platforms. Shipments can be delayed or split as necessary to give you time to catch up. Integrated package tracking keeps your customer informed even after their product has left your hands.

Integrate With Other Order Fulfillment Companies Via The Nexternal E-commerce Platform

Use our Drop-Ship software Module when certain goods are coming directly from another company, communicating via our web portal and automatic emails to share order details. Get feedback from your customers with our product reviews and rating feature. Let customers tell you why an item is selling well, or why it is not. Build your own unique rating system by setting the scale and custom rating icons. Get customers back with reminders that return them to your store to write a review. Maybe they'll to do a little more shopping while they're at it. You can also pass rating info on to the Google Shopping data and Google SERPs may display your ratings if you are using schema markup, which may help to further boost your search ranking results and click through rates for your organic results snippets.

While reviews and ratings allow you to increase product promotion, customer questions can be used to build a database of product clarifications requested by your customers. This information not only helps customers decide whether to purchase an item, but may also be located by organic search engines, directing even more traffic to your store. Keep customers coming back and making larger orders with incentives. We incorporate discounts and eCoupons, with custom pricing and product visibility settings for individual customer types. Dynamic ecommerce shopping cart software messaging can also be employed. This has the potential to increase sales by setting quantity or order amount thresholds, a strategic reminder that customers will be rewarded for making larger purchases.

We can also provide a "Tell a Friend" tool for customers to promote your product, as well as integration with social media to allow feedback and sharing. This promotes your brand on all available fronts. ReferralCandy is a Nexternal app that rewards customers with cash or coupons for referring others to your store. Referred customers also get a discount to entice them through the door. Affiliate programs go a step further by formalizing rewards for sending business your way, for people and companies, with sales tracking and the ability to set individual commission rates.

Live chat can help cut down on lost productivity from phone calls. It's faster than email, but still frees up your employees to do more with their time. Customers often find this more convenient than waiting on hold. The live chat program is sold separately, but is easily incorporated into your online store.

Security is especially important in the modern digital age. Nexternal uses software that is compliant with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standard, the standard for major credit card companies. Our data is hosted at our secure internet data center, with 24/7 monitoring. Merchants like yourself can set up different levels of access for employees as well, only putting sensitive customer data in the hands of those who need it. Information is transferred with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

The Most Comprehensive E-commerce Platform

Nexternal is the one stop that brings together a broad spectrum of apps and other integrated software to give you a complete ecommerce experience that is safe, secure, and simplified for the most convenience. We can accommodate all market types, whether B2C, B2B, or C2C. Our software can be adapted to any number of functions, including integration with many 3rd party programs. We include marketing tools that take you far beyond online sales. Our ecommerce shopping cart software can stick with customers as they switch between devices. Virtual shopping carts gather useful sales data and enable customers to promote what they feel are the best qualities of your brand. Having more information allows you to rank higher in organic online searches, bringing that many more customers to your online store. Nexternal's ecommerce shopping cart software enables sales without making the entire sales process more complicated.

We provide a number of ancillary business functions that enable your business while keeping you sales-driven. Whether you operate alone or with a large staff, we can provide the tools you need to keep everyone working out of the same book. Shipping solutions are available whether you are doing the shipping yourself, have a dedicated order fulfillment department, or prefer a 3rd party to send orders directly to your customer. When you look at ecommerce platforms, how will they stack up to Nexternal's e-Commerce Platform? With the sheer number of advantages of Nexternal, it's hard to imagine a better choice.