What Makes the Best Shopping Cart Software?

Shopping cart software is used the most in the B2C (Business to Consumer) online market. B2C is by far the most common ecommerce market. It is the largest but it is also the fastest moving. Customer retention can be difficult in a B2C market. Customers can seem impulsive, given how hectic the marketplace can be. It can often be difficult to retain customers from selection to purchase. Others may only use your store one time before moving on. Having the best shopping cart is something that you can rely on. It is not something that will weigh your customers down. Although customers like to be within reach of their shopping cart, solutions should only be there when they need them, never in the way.

A shopping cart best works when it is convenient, unobtrusive, and simple to use. The best shopping cart is designed to maximize your customer's accessibility while keeping the focus on your product. When you go to the store, you are not there for the shopping cart. It is just something that helps keep you moving. It is not something that is there to get in your way. The best shopping cart software is one that keeps online customers progressing forward. When it comes to functionality, features should be natural and integral to the process - the kind of things you would only miss if they were gone.

Simplest is Best: Shopping Cart Software as a Useful Tool

Picture a retail store shopping cart. Even the best shopping cart is no good without its wheels. Most of us would not have even noticed those wheels until they were gone. For your customer, shopping cart software should be integral to the experience of your virtual store front, and a seamless part of the shopping experience. The best shopping cart showcases your product while easing the customer's transition from selection to purchase. Shopping cart software is the primary tool your customer uses to interact with you. Should you not be using the best shopping cart to satisfy your customers?

Shopping cart software is integral to the online shopping experience. When a customer selects one or more products for purchase, even the best shopping cart is essentially just a placeholder. More steps are necessary in order to complete the transaction. The shopping cart software will keep track of the selected products until the customer is ready to finalize their order. It provides a total for the order, which can include shipping and handling, as well as any applicable taxes. If the customer approves, they will provide or otherwise verify their financial information. The purchase is completed. You exchange contact information, usually offering a quick electronic receipt. You can then use an embedded email system to contact your customers on the basis they prefer with updates on their product and new offers as well.

Shopping cart software best works from behind the scenes; recording a variety of business metrics. Products can be followed from your inventory to the customer's door. You can also balance your inventory on the spot with real time sales results. Sales information is added to the database and then organized depending on your needs, allowing targeted marketing based on up-to-date marketing data. With Nexternal, a HighJump company, our ecommerce platform has many tools that allow you to investigate this data to root out the most effective ecommerce approach for your company.

We incorporate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities that enable effective marketing to your shoppers. CRM is there to assist with lead management and targeted marketing, backed by a powerful search function that allows easy access to previous transactions. Regardless of whether you need a history on a single transaction, or you want to welcome a long list of first-time customers, CRM has tools can help. When it comes to your business, you know what is best. Shopping cart software should give you to the tools that enhance what you already know. When it comes to shopping cart solutions, the simple answer is the best answer.

Don't Leave Me! Solutions: Shopping Cart Abandonment and What You Can Do About It

A lot can happen between a customer selecting an item and the actual sales transaction. B2C customers may leave at any point up to a final agreement to a sale. The industry term for an incomplete sale is shopping cart abandonment. Customers often begin the process of purchasing one or more items, only to quit for some reason before completing the transaction. This leaves an "abandoned" cart full of selected items behind. These kinds of exchanges are tracked by your virtual shopping cart. Best case scenario? The customer will come back for it later. This is a successful software shopping cart conversion. Unfortunately, there is simply no guarantee that a sale will complete just because a customer placed items in their shopping cart. Solutions for lower abandonment rates are in high demand as more and more consumers will transition to the online market.

The modern internet is like a conglomeration of serialized television ads. It is often a place of distracting, flashing advertisements. Social media notifications appear from dozens of applications at any given time. Unending forms of entertainment is just a click away. Everyone is vying for your customer's attention. Your customer has to wade through a lot just to find you. They should arrive to a rapid, responsive environment that is consistent with your brand, the kind you only expect when you use the best shopping cart software.

We need to give customers credit. These days many are doing their research. With so many online stores to choose from, there is bound to be a lot of shopping around. Your storefront needs to be responsive and accommodating to retain customers. Your content should be shared on automated daily marketplace feeds, which update to many popular online marketplaces. Put your product in front of customers who use online comparison shopping sites.

Customers should never feel there is anything in their way of the purchase. After all, they came here for something. They have already shown interest in your product by selecting it! Your shopping cart software will provide you with practical, effective sales solutions. Shopping cart abandonment is something that should be addressed early and head on by providing a smooth experience for all customers. The key to reducing shopping cart abandonment is streamlining. Customers prefer a consistent, straightforward sales process. A customer's motivation is directly related to how easy the shopping cart software is to use. They need one basket where they can quickly see what they have got, what it looks like, and how much it is going to cost. If they decide to make a purchase they should only have options that help, not hinder, their purchase. When possible, single-click options should be available. By reducing the number of steps and providing a fast, easy checkout process, customers are more likely to go ahead with their order confidently.

Simple Shopping Cart Solutions

Online sellers typically require some type of registration or at least appropriate payment information to finalize a sale. Most first-time customers come to your online store understanding this as part of the sales processes. Registration has been proven to be successful in boosting sales for many types of products, but it should always be a relatively painless process. The simpler it is, the more likely people are to sign up. We already know that simplest is best. Shopping cart software can incorporate simple registration options and fast purchasing options that help keep your customer moving. A swift, easy experience will boost shopping cart conversion rates by helping your customers to get to check-out faster.

Your shopping cart solutions should also include a guest checkout feature. This allows new or casual customers to quickly enter enough information to proceed on with a single sale without feeling pressured to join up just yet. Guest checkout can help you to catch sales you might otherwise have missed. Incorporate the features you want with the convenience your customers expect. Keep the purchasing experience as smooth as it can be, regardless of customer type. At Nexternal, we go beyond simple templates to provide you with a custom layout that complements your company's style. Our eCommerce shopping cart solutions can be joined seamlessly with the unique environment of your store.

You never want to lose potential sales. Purchase tracking keeps the whole thing running smoothly. Track purchases from the first click to the last, with the option to follow up on customers who may be interested in purchasing again. Trace packages as they move from sales to shipping and handling, providing updates both you and your customers can appreciate. Make re-ordering easy for regular customers by allowing them to quickly check out with the same items and quantities they always prefer.

Customers expect fast answers from a responsive, effective customer service department. The search capabilities of Nexternal's ecommerce platform are not limited to inventory. Your customer database is searchable as well. Keep track of orders and your customer's history so you can respond quickly when your customer needs to hear from you. The best shopping cart software will not help if you do not have effective communication. Keep an open line with your customer base. Do not overburden your business with slow, unresponsive customer service.

Social media integration means there should be easy to find, intuitive ways to interact with social media that do not impede the sales process. Customers can use these tools to share information about products they have purchased or have an interest in purchasing from your online store. This information can be made available to a variety of social networks. Options like these grant your customers the ability to respond to your products and spread the word about your brand.

We can help you create incentives that keep customers coming back. Incentives need to be smartly distributed and easy to implement. We use flexible discounting structures to make sure your promotions stand out.

Use our CMS tools to evaluate the data gathered from your online shopping cart. Solutions to cart abandonment and other customer retention issues can be easier to find with information from real time time updates. Search customer and order history to get the full picture on daily transactions. Get the figures on the number of sales from affiliates to pinpoint where the most sales are coming from. The best shopping cart software will give you the information you need to maximize your marketing approach.

The Best Shopping Cart Software

Your needs will be unique to your situation. Your ecommerce platform clearly expresses the intent of your store and brand. Make sure your shopping cart software can incorporate a variety of tools and modules to fully enable your unique vision. The best shopping cart is the one that will accommodate the needs of both users and customers without sacrificing convenience. By keeping things simple we further enable our customers and we further enable ourselves in the process. We know that simple is best. Shopping cart abandonment can be reduced with a fast, simple checkout process. Shopping cart solutions work when they are easy to use without getting in the way. Focus should be on the product. The bottom line is that the best shopping cart software should work smoothly to keep your customers engaged and on the move towards purchase.