About TrueCommerce Nexternal

TrueCommerce Nexternal

In May of 2015, Nexternal was acquired by TrueCommerce. TrueCommerce is a global commerce network company providing technology that enables businesses to transact with one another.

In the Beginning...

In 1999, our founders Alex and Eric met while working as technology consultants for Accenture in San Francisco. They were specializing in client/server CRM software at the time and could clearly see that the future of enterprise computing was in offering software as a service. eCommerce was in its infancy, and Alex and Eric saw dozens of ways they could improve upon the eCommerce software available at the time. In 1999, they formed Nexternal Solutions and began working day and night to develop the best eCommerce platform on the market. In January of 2000, Nexternal took its first client live (that client is still a customer today) and quickly grew to become a leading eCommerce solution. Alex and Eric have continued to grow the Nexternal team with talented software developers and eCommerce experts which together offer Nexternal's clients with the best support in the industry. Alex and Eric are still working at TrueCommerce.

Our Company Culture

We work hard at Nexternal, and we are meticulous about getting things right. Every feature we add is well planned and repeatedly tested so that our automated free upgrades are easy to use and issue free. We are also passionate about having fun. We hire Account Managers who are outgoing and love talking to people, but who have a unique ability to understand and explain technology to our clients. When you talk to us on the phone, it is clear that we're glad you called and we enjoy what we do. We're also lucky enough to have some generous winery clients who treat our team to regular wine tastings.

Our Impact

We love the world we live in and as a business we believe that we have a responsibility to minimize our carbon footprint. All of our servers are energy efficient which dramatically reduces our energy usage. Our company is nearly paperless as all of our invoicing is done electronically by default. Our offices are located in areas that are pedestrian friendly, community oriented, and within walking distance of public transportation. Most importantly, our eCommerce platform helps many of our clients to run greener, more efficient businesses by selling directly to customers.

Would you like to join our team?

If you are a talented developer with a good sense of humor and a passion for eCommerce or an outgoing, tech savvy eCommerce expert who loves to help businesses succeed, then we'd love to hear from you. Please check out our job openings.