eCommerce With In Store Pickup

In Store Pick-Up Video
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“Just want to say that we're thrilled to have the new pickup option in Nexternal! This goes a long way towards making the order process clearer and simpler for our customers.”

Matt Petrie - Liner & Elsen

Many product companies have brick and mortar stores in addition to online stores. If they want to integrate their operations, having an in store pickup option is critical for these companies. Naturally, it is also a great option for customers who live close to the retailer, and don't want to pay shipping fees. Our ecommerce platform now makes it incredibly easy for brands to give their customers the option of having a product shipped or picking it up in a store.

Customers can Order Online and Pick Up In Store

Buyers can Designate a Pick Up Trustee

Support for Multiple Pickup Locations

Designate Pickup Locations for Each Product

Customers May Select a Preferred Pickup Date

Define Available Pickup Days and Times

Customers Are Notified Via Email When a Product is Ready to be Picked Up

Customers May Mix Pickup Items and Shipment Items Within A Single Order

Items Can Be Designated as Pickup Only

Sales Tax is Calculated at the Local Jurisdiction

If you are interested in learning more about how your company can utilize our In Store Pickup Feature, please call 800-914-6161.