Expand Your Customer Base & Increase Brand Loyalty
with Powerful Marketing Tools

Drive More Traffic to Your Online Store
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“We've increased our online sales volume 50 fold with the help of Nexternal. The order management system deployed quickly and gave us a world-class infrastructure to grow our business. Due to the success of a viral marketing campaign, our online orders literally skyrocketed from 6 per day to 106 per day overnight. Since that time we have had days where we've taken and processed more than 1800 orders through the system - something that would not have been possible with our past eCommerce solution.”

Dan Green - Simple Truths

Increase Organic Traffic with Search Engine Optimized Product & Category Pages

Creating optimized product and category pages that rank well in the organic search engine listings is a sure fire way to get more visitors into your online store. Our eCommerce platform uses proven search engine optimization methods to generate a search engine friendly catalog. Organic search engine traffic is free and tends to have a very high conversion rate.

Automatically Synchronize Inventory & Prices with Amazon Seller Central

We make it really easy for companies to sell their product on Amazon.com. For some of our clients, Amazon orders account for more than 50% of their overall order volume! Our eCommerce platform will synchronize inventory, pricing, and order data automatically. The Amazon channel is too big to be ignored!

Syndicate Your Product Data with Automated Daily Marketplace Feeds

Our eCommerce Platform also creates data feeds for many online marketplaces including Google Product Search and Yahoo Shopping. You can have the system automatically send these marketplaces fresh product data every night. Online comparison shopping sites are a popular starting point for many online shoppers. Listing your products in these channels is yet one more way we make it easy for you to increase traffic.

Schedule Emails to Targeted Customer Lists

Not all customers are new visitors to your site. It is important to send targeted emails to existing customers to entice them to come back and order again. Our bulk mail wizard includes a powerful query tool that can make this happen.

Reward Those That Send Orders Your Way with an Integrated Affiliate Program

Using affiliates to drive traffic to your site can be a powerful way to market your products. Typically affiliates only make money if you do. Fortunately, our shopping cart software has an integrated affiliate tool that tracks sales from affiliates.

Let Your Customers Promote Your Brand via Social Media

  • Facebook and Twitter Order Sharing - Your customers can easily opt to share their purchases on both Facebook and Twitter by clicking these social media buttons. This is one of the best ways for your customers to promote your online store.
  • Facebook and Twitter Coupon Sharing - If you are feeling generous, you can make it easy for customers to share your coupon codes on both Facebook and Twitter. Customers love introducing each other to deals, so why not make it as easy as possible. See it in action.
  • Facebook® Product Share - This button allows your customers to instantly "share" any of your products in Facebook.
  • Tweet Button - This button makes it simple for your customers to tweet about any of your products. By default the tweet includes a short version of the product URL so followers can easily get to your site. It optionally displays the total number of people who have tweeted the product and optionally includes your company's twitter name (@YourCompanyName). The product markup also supports Twitter Product Cards which include the product price, category, and product image. See it in action.
  • Pinterest - Our newest social media tool! The Pin button allows shoppers to pin your products to their pin boards, to be viewed by the shoppers' friends and followers, and Pinterest members and non-members alike. In Pinterest, when a user clicks on your product's image, it will drive them back to the product's detail page of your shopping cart. The markup on product pages allows for Rich Pins so that pricing and availability can also be displayed on Pinterest. See it in action.

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