Multiple-Ship-To Feature

Our eCommerce platform includes a multiple-ship-to feature which allows customers to place one order and ship to many different recipients. This feature provides tremendous benefits to merchants in the gifts industry and to businesses that sell to other businesses.

A Customer Can Ship to Multiple Recipients on a Single Order

Separate Gift Card Text Can be Captured for Each Recipient

Shipping is Accurately Calculated

Package Tracking Information is Recorded for Each Destination

Address Information is Stored and Can Easily Be Used the Next Time the Customer Orders

Optionally Set a Maximum Number of Recipients Per Order

Although you would think that all ecommerce software would have a multiple-ship-to feature, the truth is that most systems do not. We have found that consumers really appreciate having this flexibility because it saves them time. Merchants love this tool because it increases conversion. If you are in the gift business or primarily focus on B2B sales, multiple-ship-to is a must have feature. Ready to learn more about how your company can utilize our multiple-ship-to feature? Please call 800-914-6161.

multiple-ship-to screen shot