Advanced Shipping Configuration

Our eCommerce platform offers extremely flexible configuration options for shipping your company's products. These options allow you to quote accurate rates for a vast array of products. Meanwhile, you have the flexibility to configure shipping to support your promotions, increase satisfaction and loyalty from repeat customers by offering custom shipping pricing, and increase conversion by allowing customers to choose the date and method that best suits their needs. Here are some of the things you can do with our eCommerce platform:

Quote real-time rates from UPS, FedEx, USPS, and GSO

Set shipping rates by Customer Type

Set rules for product distribution into certain box sizes by weight or quantity (i.e. 10lbs = box size A, or 10 products = box size A)

Override shipping rates for an individual product

Indicate that oversize products ship independently, and specify their box dimensions

Designate shipping zones with different rates

Offer free shipping at a threshold (i.e., weight, price, or quantity)

Restrict shipping of certain products to select states, provinces, or countries

Add a percentage or flat fee adjustment (increase or decrease) to live carrier shipping rates

Pass on your negotiated shipping rate savings to your customers, or add a flat or percentage increase/decrease that rate

Discount shipping with a coupon

Indicate that a product ships with dry ice

Require that certain products (such as perishables) be sent with an expedited shipping method, while others can ship more slowly

Allow customers to choose their preferred delivery date for their order, (behind the scenes, this results from accurately combining your company's order processing time with the shipping carriers' transit time data)

Require various types of delivery signatures for all orders, or some orders

Automatically prepare and print, or electronically submit customs documentation for international shipments

Accept COD with all funds or secure funds only

Validate shipping addresses up front, before an order is accepted