TrueCommerce Engage - Details & Setup

TrueCommerce Engage is our iPad point of sale and clienteling application available in the iTunes store. Visit this page for a list of benefits offered by this powerful application.


$75 per iPad per month, plus orders will be charged at same rate as phone/fax/mail orders

Required Operating System

User's iPad needs to be iOS10 or newer. We recommend being on the latest OS unless it has only been out for a few days or less.

Credit Card Processing:

OpenEdge - If you do not already have an account with OpenEdge, the sign up is located here.


Square - If you do not already have an account with Square, the sign up is located here. When your account is configured with Square, download the Square register app and install on your iPad(s).

Merchant does the following to set up:

1. On the iPad you plan to use, open the App Store and search for Nexternal. Download the TrueCommerce Engage application.
2. Log into your Order Management System in the Settings section. (You do not need to do this on the iPad). Scroll down to TrueCommerce Engage and click edit.
3. Click "Use TrueCommerce Engage" box, and another window will open.
4. Click to acknowledge that you have read the terms, and complete the fields (*Note that each iPad requires a separate key and registration. It is a good idea to name the iPads here in such a way that you will be able to identify them in the future). Next, submit the "Accept Charges" button.
5. Now you will see an activation code. Copy that activation code into your app for the corresponding iPad, when prompted.
6. If you are registering multiple iPads, you will need to repeat steps 2-5 for each iPad.
7. Once activated, the registration code should say "In Use"
8. Navigate to the User section in your Nexternal Order Management system. Set up a new user, or edit an existing user. Complete the following fields:

a. TrueCommerce Engage Access: By default, users are set to "No Access". Select Manager to offer full access to the TrueCommerce Engage System, including pricing overrides. Select Cashier to offer basic access to the TrueCommerce Engage System, but not pricing overrides.
b. TrueCommerce Engage Four Digit PIN - This must be a unique code, used by no other users.
c. TrueCommerce Engage Four Digit PIN - Retype

Optional Hardware

Thermal Receipt Printer

Star Micronics, TSP654IIBI-24 GRY US, Thermal Receipt Printer, Bluetooth for iOS, Auto Cutter, External Power Supply Incl.

Cash Drawer

APG Cash Drawer, LLC: Black 16 x 16 Vasario Series Cash Drawer VB320-BL1616
Star Micronics 37965600 Model CD3-1616BK58-S2 Cash Drawer, 16" x 16", Printer Driven, 5 Bill-8 Coin, 2 Media Slots, Cable Included (White)

Bar Code Scanner

Option 1:TaoTronics 2-in-1 Bluetooth & Wired Barcode Scanner USB Portable Bar Code Scanner with 32-bit Processor
Option 2:Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci

In Nexternal:

You must turn on "pickup" for any product that you would like to see available in the iPad.

NOTE: If you do not want pick-up showing in your online store, a design engineer can hide the pickup options in the online store using CSS.