Dashboard Plus for iPhone/iPad

Selling online has never been so fun! With our Dashboard Plus for iPhone/iPad, you can access your important sales information anytime, anywhere right from your iOS device! You can also set push notifications to get alerted every time an order is placed. What are your top selling products? What percentage of your customer are repeats? With this app, we have your answers!

  • Push Notifications
  • Dashboard Home Screen
    Dashboard Home Screen
  • Set Your Goal
    Set Your Goal
  • View Revenue by Day
    Daily Revenue
  • Latest Orders
    Latest Orders
  • Top Sellers
    Top Sellers
  • Orders By Method Placed
    By Method Placed
  • Repeat vs Returning Customers
    Customers Breakdown
  • Visitor Trends
    Visitors Trends

“Nexternal's Dashboard Plus App is very cool! It is great to be able to look at our daily and weekly stats at a glance from where ever we are at the time. I'm always curious how sales are and being able to take a quick look while out at dinner is very convenient. The CHA-CHING new sale alert sound is both hysterical and heartwarming and puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. Great job in developing a very useful app!”

Allan Fischler - ThinkEDU

To see a demo of the Dashboard Plus for iPhone/iPad, please download the app from the Apple App Store - completely free of charge. From your iPhone or iPad, simply open the App Store and search for "Dashboard Plus".

If you are interested in learning more please call 800-914-6161.