What Web Developers and our Winery Clients Say About Nexternal

Our goal is to provide the best shopping cart software and expert customer support in the eCommerce industry. Many of our clients have given us permission to publish their feedback and testimonials on our website, and we're thrilled with what they have to say about the Nexternal eCommerce Platform and our team.

Ninth Vector logo

“We have worked with Nexternal for the better part of ten years and continue to appreciate the responsive, quality customer service they provide to their eCommerce clients as well as to the firms like us who work with those clients. Nexternal Solutions provides a reliable and user-friendly platform for selling products online - one that compliments the brand-building services we provide including online marketing and social networking.”

Katie Partridge - NinthVector - Lebanon, New Hampshire

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“Over the years we've been presented with finding solutions for some particularly quirky product scenarios for our clients' online stores. In the past, it has often times resulted in our clients making concessions to their wants and needs... that is, until several years ago when we were introduced to Nexternal's eCommerce software. Now the requests that used to be a challenge almost always result in "Yes, we can make that happen!"

Nexternal is continuously improving their system and what it brings to the table. Many companies simply do not have budgets available for continual website development, IT support staff to monitor servers, or the resources available to stay on top of security issues and threats. That's part of the beauty of Nexternal - with using their amazing software, you also have peace of mind that your online store is up & running, secure, and backed by their support staff.

For many of our clients their online store is their main sales channel, so anything other than having it up and running 100% of the time is not an option. For our Nexternal clients, that is something that I no longer worry about!”

Leslie Decker - E-Data Solutions, Inc. - St. Louis, MO

The Website Shack logo

“Nexternal provides an Order Management System that offers a complete eCommerce solution. With Nexternal, we have been able to implement an Affiliate sales program, schedule holiday discount programs, institute coupon codes and offer inventory from multiple fulfillment centers. Nexternal delivers where other providers fall flat. Instead of making sacrifices for our clients, we have been able to not only meet their expectations in an order management system, but also provide additional features offered by Nexternal to increase visibility and sales.

As a web developer, providing my clients with a fully functioning online store is at the top of my list. With Nexternal, I am provided a platform that offers my clients everything needed for success. Nexternal provides online consumers a seamless browsing and shopping experience. Customer feeback regarding the ordering process, ease of navigation and functionality of the eCommerce platform has all been positive.

Nexternal can't be beat when it comes to customer service. Our Account Executive has reached out to assist us on weekends, holidays and even while on vacation. With Nexternal, you are not just an account number. They go out of their way to make sure you understand that the support and knowledge needed for your success are available to you at anytime.

My clients have reported up to a 300% increase in online sales since the integration with Nexternal. Previous eCommerce providers limited the success of an online shopping experience. With Nexternal, the features needed for the development and marketing of the clients storefront and the improved customer shopping experience are provided at your fingertips. ”

Dave Lemke - The Website Shack - Atlanta, GA

Already Set Up logo

“Nexternal is the only eCommerce solution that gives us complete control of the final product. As a developer we appreciate the flexibility of the Nexternal API and combined with their robust layout editor, Nexternal enables us to deliver exactly what the client wants.”

Nathan Smallcomb - Already Set Up - Santa Rosa, CA

Neek logo

“Neekdesign has worked with Nexternal since 1999. The Nexternal platform has been, and continues to be, one of the most solid and full-featured eCommerce systems available. It is our first choice in eCommerce for all of our clients. As designers and developers, we appreciate the ease of use and flexibility to mask our website design's look-and-feel with the Nexternal System. We also appreciate the speed and secure performance of the back-end technology on which the platform is built. We know with certainty that our clients service needs will be provided for, that we will be able to make updates easily and quickly if our clients need a design change, and that the Nexternal system provides an accessible gateway to the search engines and social networking arenas that are so much a part of our clients' marketing strategies.”

Nicole Rienecker - neekdesign - San Francisco, CA

Hershey Entertainment logo

“Our Nexternal Account Manager has been amazing. He is available whenever I need him, and is very quick to help with whatever we need. We feel like he is a member of our team, and he's a big reason we are sticking with the Nexternal eCommerce Platform. ”

Susan Kunisky - Hershey Entertainment and Resorts - Hershey, PA

dinotte logo

“DiNotte Lighting USA makes world class bicycle headlights and bicycle taillights. Our main focus is on building products and servicing our customers across the globe. When it was time to move our online store to the next level, we chose Nexternal. The Nexternal store gave us all the features we needed, plus the assurance that a support staff would be ready to deal with technical issues should a problem arise. Our integration was smooth, accurate and we have enjoyed a highly functional system that is both reliable and easy for our staff to operate and maintain. ”

Robert F. Skaff Jr - DiNotte Lighting USA - Hampton, NH

Ibis logo

“Ibis Cycles is a small, rapidly growing manufacturer of high-end bicycles and accessories. Rapid growth means you need to stay light on your feet. The flexibility of Nexternal's order processing and catalog management is incredibly easy to use, and has been able to handle every change we've made.

Nexternal lets us define the user experience in our store. It's very important for us to make the customer feel comfortable, and by allowing us design flexibility, our customers still feel right at home, like they've never left the Ibis site.

At Ibis, we're proud to be known for our strong customer support. We feel it is an extremely important component of a running a good business and always pay attention to how other businesses handle their customer support. We are happy to say that Nexternal exceeds our expectations in the every area of customer support and responsiveness.”

Scot Nicol - Ibis Cycles - Aptos, CA

sierra club

“We have been very pleased throughout the implementation process. The system has the flexibility to meet our core business needs. I want to highlight the truly wonderful work done by my Account Manager. Her support throughout the process has been exemplary. She has a thorough understanding of the system and gained a solid understanding of our business requirements. She was extremely responsive, and all issues and tasks were addressed in a timely manner. We work with many SaaS vendors and her work rates among the very best with whom we have worked, and far superior to the norm. Thank you.”

Dave Simon - Sierra Club - San Francisco, CA
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Lewis Cellars logo

“The Order Management System is the only system to ever thoroughly meet our needs. From the hip, I can say that monthly sales are up 30-40% over prior months since switching to Nexternal's eCommerce Platform.

The system is intuitive, simple and effective. We're very happy with it. The Tell-A-Friend application is excellent! We don't get much feedback about the storefront from customers, but when we do, it's always very positive. My interpretation is that people are very satisfied with the process - otherwise we'd be getting negative feedback; e.g. "no news is good news."

Order confirmation and shipping confirmation e-mails are professional looking and contribute to customers' comfort level and satisfaction with the purchase and the overall shopping experience. Again, this is a well thought-out, simple, and user-friendly shopping environment. Nexternal is providing a virtual storefront that complements and enhances our brand and identity as an ultra-premium winery.

Our Account Executive is the most capable and responsive account rep - from every vendor and industry - that I have ever worked with, period. He's quick to diagnose, research and/or resolve every issue I throw at him and his timely, professional response is greatly valued. He continues to be a great resource for improvements and new ideas in addition to solving problems or identifying potential solutions to them. He has contributed significantly to our success. And, notwithstanding the above comments, which are sincere, he's just a darn nice guy to work with; with equal parts of technical and interpersonal skill.”

Dennis Bell - Lewis Cellars - Napa Valley, CA

Lost Abbey logo

“We have been using the eCommerce components of HighJump's Brewers' Edge since 2007 for merchandise and event sales including the release of our highly sought after rare and barrel aged beers. Their domain expertise, passion for our industry, and integrity are rivaled only by their first-rate support We continue to explore new and exciting opportunities to use their platform assisting us in creating great customer experiences.”

Tomme Arthur - The Lost Abbey - San Marcos, CA


“Being a new customer to Nexternal, we have not even begun to scratch the surface of all of the marketing or reporting functionality that the system offers. However, through setting up the system, and working with our account executive, we have transitioned seamlessly from our previous eCommerce system over to Nexternal. The order processing workflow is very intuitive and highly functional... a night and day improvement over our previous homegrown store. The flexibility of the overall system has allowed us to create a store that is unique to our brand, but which leverages the power and functionality of a tried and tested eCommerce system.

The always on-screen cart is great, and the fact that it has recently been made to responsively pop into the header at narrower widths is fantastic. Also, allowing cart information to be displayed on our main site provides customers with a seamless user experience. There are plenty of upsell opportunities, and many other ways to communicate with the customer while they shop. Most importantly, the experience for the customer is clean and easy, and conforms to the norms established by major online retailers.

Our customer service experience has been unparalleled since day one. Our account executive has been in close communication with us throughout the entire process, always responding to questions or concerns, and able to find answers if she doesn't have one in her back pocket already (which is rare). We have essentially picked up another member of our marketing team by going with Nexternal, and have deferred to her on many store setup ideas and strategies. She clearly has a ton of experience in this space, and it shows.”

UPDATE: Just wanted to let you know that we have exceeded our aggressive eCommerce goals so far this year. We had a goal to double eCommerce sales (without eroding margins) in the first quarter, and we have tripled it instead! Thanks, Nexternal, for all of your help!

Peter Laing - L. Mawby - Suttons Bay, MI

Pisoni Vineyards

“Nexternal is doing a great job of meeting our online business needs. They are extremely reliable for our customer security, order processing, and our reporting. By working with Nexternal, we were able to customize our shopping cart for better convenience of the consumer- therefore creating a better experience for the shopper. We now receive much positive feedback about the layout of our shopping cart.

Our customer service representative has done a fantastic job of working with us on our account. She was thoughtful, informative and patient with our needs while we redesigned our shopping cart. Regarding work during the remainder of the year on more standard matters, she is always available and has proven to be responsive very quickly on urgent matters. This assistance has given much reassurance in Nexternal's reliability. We see our direct sales increase on a yearly basis. We suppose this may be from a variety of reasons, but one part the definitely contributes is the ever-evolving technology that Nexternal works with.”

Jeff Pisoni - Pisoni & Lucia - Napa Valley, CA


“Nexternal has been so user friendly and it truly meets all of our online needs as a business! The order processing is so quick and efficient which make the 60-order days a breeze. Bulk ordering is also so easy and even though I have over 1,200 orders going in in a single day, I don't have to worry about whether or not someone's order was placed after I'm done. Reports are quick to generate and include all necessary information so that I can do my job more efficiently. Products can be added or taken off of your online store in seconds! Nexternal has made our job of updating our online store keeping up with orders so easy!.

As a company, we have used other order processing portals. None of them compare to the clean and professional look of Nexternal. The site itself is easy to navigate and the layout is user friendly for people of all ages! We have had comments about how beautiful our website is and how easy it is to place an order and that's because Nexternal has made it so easy to keep up-to-date.

I can't rave enough about the customer service we have received from Nexternal! Our Account Executive is unbelievable! Her response time is amazingly fast. There have been days we have been on the phone for over an hour and she stays calm, polite, attentive, and friendly the entire time! Any time, I even have so much as a question about Nexternal, she has been knowledgeable and helpful! We get emails whenever there is an update on Nexternal which helps us to stay aware of any changes that are made. We couldn't ask for more quality customer service.

Our direct sales have increased greatly since launching with Nexternal. Online ordering has increased by at least 80%. It truly makes all the difference. We went from a general, old-style website to Nexternal and we were so surprised to see the difference! It went from looking like a homemade web page to a sophisticated, professional site that people wanted to be on! The orders started flowing and haven't stopped since!”

Kayla Barhorst - Veritas Vineyard and Winery - Afton, VA


“Bargetto Winery recently went through the process of creating a new website that incorporated three brands into one family brand website. We needed a shopping cart that was capable of accommodating a wide array of product categorizations and sub-categorization all the while remaining easy for our customers to navigate. We also wanted a platform that would allow us to configure a variety of sales promotions and that had additional features that would encourage add-on sales. Nexternal provides these features and there is an ongoing effort to add new functionalities...they do a good job of keeping up with the ever-changing trends of the online marketplace.

Another goal of ours with the new website build was to make the interchange between our website and shopping cart seamless for our customers. We wanted our shopping cart to have the same look and feel as our website. With our Nexternal Account Representative acting as our liaison we were able to work with the Nexternal web design team to create a shopping cart that captured the esthetics of our website. The work by the design team exceeded our expectations and was done quickly and for an affordable price.

From what we can tell the new shopping cart is working as intended. We have not had any issues of customers contacting us with questions about how to place an online order...whereas in the past it was not uncommon to have customers complain about difficulties in navigating our shopping cart or locating certain products.

With the new site up and running we have found the Account Managers at Nexternal to be very prompt in responding to and assisting with our questions and needs. The level of support they have provided to us has been invaluable and makes us feel like they are part of our team.”

Luke Pabich - Bargetto Winery - Soquel, CA

Williamsburg Winery

“Working with the Nexternal team has been nothing short of amazing. They are responsive, immediately, to any concerns we may have and outline very clearly the steps we can take to best implement their sales solutions. Their product has served our company well and the support staff does a tremendous job making us comfortable with our new online sales environment. Bravo to Nexternal!”

Matthew Burns - Williamsburg Winery - Williamsburg, VA

Acme Fine Wines logo

“Nexternal came very highly recommended to ACME Fine Wines when we began our quest for an order management system. It wasn't until we did extensive research on the competition that we realized Nexternal was the right choice for our boutique wine shop's needs. Reporting capabilities are extensive and results are concise both of which are extremely useful for our needs. Order processing is simple which allows us more time to sell, our main directive.

Our customers rave about the ease of navigation while shopping and processing orders and for us, Nexternal's eye on customer service adds one more reason they are the perfect choice for our online order management needs. In the beginning stages of the website building/merging, we weren't sure if the process would be easily navigated without distraction, but having the shopping cart in plain view at all times makes the experience quick and leaves no surprises at the checkout.

What Nexternal offers by way of product support, enhancements, updates and responsiveness is next to genius. Our small business relies on quick, knowledgeable and friendly customer service to help us stand apart from other boutique wine shops and we feel that Nexternal matches our needs for those same qualities. The ability to be able to speak with a live person during business hours is imperative and somewhat of a dying enterprise, but not so with Nexternal. The use of webinars to help in the learning process is key. We, as a team, use them to familiarize ourselves with processes before implementing and they are quite valuable. ”

Karen Williams - Acme Fine Wines - Saint Helena,CA

Moffett Vineyards and C and T Cellars logo

“I believe Nexternal has the best shopping cart in the business. The order management system is excellent, order processing is fast and easy, product catalog management is simple to set up and the reporting is very detailed. Using Nexternal's software has increased my sales and my understanding of my clients.

As for customer service, I couldn't be more pleased. Everyone I've worked with understands the system inside and out and has been extremely helpful. My contact has gone out of her way to help me through the start up process and has made it fun and easy.”

Trent Moffett - Moffett Vineyards and C&T Cellars - Napa Valley, CA

Terra Bella

“Order Processing has become such a breeze, along with the Catalog Management. After my account manager held my hand and walked me through the set up process, I was able to grasp the concepts and proceed on my own. Most of the reporting is easy to use and suits my needs. Again, once Pamela walked me through the process... I have been able to manage this easily on my own. My account manager is a marketing GENIUS..... Her thought process is extraordinary.... with the ability to transfer her ideas succinctly.

Almost all of the people I have talked to have had only positive comments on the ease of ordering. Because of the "Review Reminder" that goes out 30 days after an order is placed, we have received many positive reviews from our customers..... Love it! ”

Wendy Morrow - Tara Bella Winery - Santa Rosa, CA

Clospepe logo

“We have easily doubled our online sales since switching to Nexternal. We've also cut the emails like: "Your website store doesn't work, I had problems ordering, etc." Nexternal's software is very intuitive. I rarely need help, but when I do it comes fast and easy. I have experienced great responsiveness from the Nexternal team. ”

Wes Hagen - Clos Pepe Vineyards and Estate Wines - Lompoc, CA

Blue Rock logo

“Blue Rock has been using Nexternal for 2 years for our direct to consumer orders. I have been very satisfied with Nexternal. The initial set-up is time consuming, but there is tremendous flexibility in programming product discounts, customer based pricing, coupons; and Nexternal easily interfaces with QuickBooks, ShipCompliant, MailChimp, if that's what you are using.

Processing credit card charges and transmitting orders to your fulfillment house is super easy. There are numerous reports available to track your sales, including sales tax reports, re-order rates, top customers, etc.

Nexternal also makes processing Wine Club shipments simple and leads you right through the process including notification of the customers whose credit cards have expired.

The aspect of Nexternal that I find the most valuable is the outstanding customer support provided. Our contact and has worked closely with us so we utilize all features of Nexternal that will make our business easier. Either she or one of the Nexternal customer service techs is ALWAYS available to answer our questions. When I have had occasion to contact a tech via the Nexternal help link, I get an IMMEDIATE response - and I mean immediate. I have had Nexternal techs phone me on Sunday afternoon regarding an inquiry.

We've found Nexternal to be much more reasonably priced than many other OMS programs that are not nearly as comprehensive or flexible. For us another advantage is that unlike some other OMS programs on the market Nexternal is not packed with a bunch of functions that are of no use to us, so we are not paying for features that are irrelevant to our business. ”

Janet Texas - Blue Rock Vineyard - Tiburon, CA

Clavey Paddlesports logo

“The Order Management System is a nice change from our old system and seems to work well. Order processing is seamless and works great! The other features such as out of stock emails, customer reviews and like/share discounts are really fantastic features. I cannot imagine better support than what I have received from my Account Manager.”

Thomas Meckfessel - Clavey Paddlesports - Petaluma, CA

Safety Depot

“Safety Depot has been associated with Nexternal for over 4 1/2 years and we can honestly say there has been 0% down time. The transition from another company to Nexternal was pain free, simple and we were pleasantly surprised at the great options they offered. We immediately used the standard built in SEO option resulting in an uptick in sales. We were fortunate to be assigned a dedicated rep to our account and even though he resides in another time zone there was and has never been a problem with quick support. We were used to being on "hold" for 45 minutes and then receiving a "case number" and maybe a day or two later getting the problem solved. Nexternal's support has the set the bar really high for others to try and achieve.

He was available when we needed him or his backup at the Nexternal main office. Most times the problem was solved with one phone call. Safety Depot offers many products and variations within products that have been handled very well by Nexternal and their discount variations work great with our mailers. Nexternal's Social Network options work smoothly which is great. We ship our safety vests to many APO's and the shipping feature works seamlessly ”

Richard Condon - Safety Depot - Laguna Hills, CA

Grow Delivers logo

“The beauty of Nexternal is that the platform is every bit as deep as it is wide. It provides you with as many answers to questions, and solutions to problems as you can come up with. If there is something you'd like your online sales platform to do, Nexternal likely already has the capability.

The folks at Nexternal know the platform so well that any question I possibly could have are easily answered by our account manager. (Trust that I ask a LOT of questions!) On the rare occasion that I stump her, our account manager and the team are quick to huddle up and come back to me with, if not a direct solution, a work around that is both logical, and easy to pull off. That's about as much as anyone can ask for in a support team.

Our partnership with Nexternal has allowed a little neighborhood grocery store to provide our customers with home delivery, and allowed us to compete with the big boys with as much ease as you could imagine.”

Joshua Harrison - GROW - Manhattan Beach, CA

AGS logo

“As a laboratory equipment provider, we had a need to expand the reach of our aftermarket support by providing an easier parts ordering process for our clients. We wanted to offer new, complimentary products to our clients, as well. Nexternal has allowed us to accomplish both successfully. This has been a great addition to our business.

The Nexternal system is very well designed to handle just about any individual customization that you may need. Our requirements were a bit out of the ordinary, but they were able to help us with some customization to make the system work exactly as we had hoped. The system is very easy to work in both during building of the store and during processing of orders and working with customers. We have had very good comments already about the performance of the shopping cart and checkout process.

As a small business, we would have truly struggled to add an online store to support our clients without the excellent support from Nexternal. From the initial stages of development to daily use of their system, the support has always been very quick and helpful. Nexternal has been there to help us each and every step of the way, and we are very glad that we chose to work with them.”

Jason Gray - AGS Scientific, Inc. - College Station, TX

The Printer Fax Guy Logo

“When we began our search for an on-line shopping cart solution our main consideration was that it had to be easy to use. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how simple and intuitive Nexternal's eCommerce platform proved to be. We compared it to a lot of other popular solutions and Nexternal just seemed to be the best. The fact that Nexternal was able to maintain the continuity of our on-line look through their unique ability to synchronize our shopping cart was a feature that sets them apart from the rest.

Apart from our desire for a solution that did not require us to be web developers to use, the exceptional product knowledge and understanding of our needs that was demonstrated by our Account Executive played a key role in our determining that Nexternal's eCommerce Platform was the right one for us. Through the entire process our Account Executive was always available to answer any questions we had and was always willing to patiently help us create the lay-out and content that best suited our goals.

Steve Kelly - The Fax & Printer Guy Inc. - Hammonds Plains, NS

Vegan Essentials logo

“Everything with the shopping cart is wonderful! Ease of use is incredible, stability is exceptional, the functions are great...there isn't much else we could want in a system! Customer feedback has been wonderful - all our old customers love the new system so much more than the old one, and now nobody has to write or call saying that they can't figure out how to complete an order.

Support has been fantastic, updates are frequent and loaded with new useful features. Our representative, was more helpful to us in the first week of working with Nexternal than our old rep was in 2 years with our previous eCommerce provider.

Our sales have increased around 50% on the average since switching over to Nexternal, and during the Christmas rush we increased our monthly sales by a whopping 140%. Thank you, Nexternal, for making our business easier to run!”

Ryan Wilson - Vegan Essentials - Wauwatosa, WI

VersaSpa logo

“I LOVE the order management system. Anytime I wonder about doing a new project, Nexternal makes it so simple to implement. Reports are awesome too. As a brand new eCommerce customer, I am so thrilled with the ease and simplicity Nexternal offers. We took over fulfillment just 6 months ago and have been able to service our customers far better with Nexternal than our competitor!

Our Account Executive is amazing! He responds with an email or phone call in record time! He is always there to answer a question or give us an idea on how to implement a new project, run a report or market to our customers. Nexternal has served us with superior customer service, like no other vendor we have ever dealt with, thank you! Because we directly fulfill and communicate with our customers, we have seen sales double in the last 6 months!”

Kimberley Carrasco - VersaSpa by MagicTan - Solon, OH

Lulas Chocolates logo

“Nexternal has made it very easy for our customers to see what they are buying by keeping the shopping cart constantly on the page. The Order Management System has been a real blessing with our order processing. Our number one requirement, when we were selecting a new shopping cart, was that it had to allow multiple ship-to addresses on a single order. Nexternal fulfilled that requirement. It is very simple to process orders.

Nexternal's support has been stellar in every way. I have an assigned staff to help me with my questions and I've never had a question not answered. When my assigned support staff is not available and I've had to talk to someone else, I have found that every person I've talked to knows the product really well and has been able to assist me with any issue without having to be transferred around waiting for an answer.”

Aaron Davidson - Lula's Chocolates - Monterey, CA

Hearing Planet logo

“Order processing is significantly easier with Nexternal. Integration with the major shipping carriers makes label printing very easy. Reporting for both marketing and accounting is very simple and thorough. The Storefront interface is friendly and the checkout process is simple.

Support could not be better. This is where Nexternal really shines. We have increased sales by more than 50% since implementing Nexternal.”

William Brownie - HearingPlanet - Brentwood, TN

Classic Tales

“Subscriptions + Coupons: There are many reasons why it works so well. First, I have thousands of potential customers who access my free podcast. For 7 years I have tried to monetize it, but nothing really worked for any extended duration. I was always having to come up with some gimmick, or marketing plan, or fund drive. But now customers can pay a small monthly amount that they don't really notice, and when they listen to my podcast, they know they are doing their part. And now they are engaged to return to the store and use their coupon. So not only am I getting guaranteed monthly income, my subscribers are already motivated to buy more in order to maximize their subscription benefits. I also use MailChimp to notify my customers of my new titles. So where I had nothing coming in before, now I have a $5 subscription fee, then an additional $3-12 or so when they use the coupon. ”

B.J. Harrison - The Classic Tales - Provo, UT

triathalon training series logo

“Nexternal's order processing capability is spot on perfect. I love it. The storefront side is very smooth. I've watched over the shoulder of some customers as they've gone through the process and it's worked very well.

As for customer service, our Nexternal contact is brilliant! I feel so lucky to have her. She answers the phone often when I call and either has the answer or gets back to me quickly with a resolution.”

Ian Murray - Triathlon Training Series - Los Angeles, CA

Robert Ohotto logo

“I run a small business and we needed to upgrade our online store. Nexternal gave us a presentation that was almost unbelievable and offered us a chance to give their services a sort of test run. My Account Executive was great because he literally sat with me and my colleagues on the phone and patiently answered every question we had while building our store.

Nexternal's support is exceptional in my opinion. Their response time is quick, and I have always felt that they were available whenever I needed help with issues--big or small. In my experience with Nexternal, I have found that I can fully expect them to do what they say they will. I honestly don't have anything that I would change about working with Nexternal. Personally, I feel that they do everything they promised and haven't fallen short of our expectations at all. ”

Kriste Peoples - Ananke Apollo Institut - Chicago, IL

TJB logo

“I would recommend Nexternal Solutions for an on-line business because I have found it very easy to be creative, add in special features like product videos, and the back end system has all the features I was looking for. Since I do the creative end on the part that the customer sees, it is easy to add, change, or delete information as I see fit. I do not have to pay someone $125.00 per hour to do it for me like I used to when I hosted my own store. Nexternal Solutions allows you to create almost anything you want the customer to see. If I have a question, they respond immediately. ”

Ted Greiner - TJB Landscaping - Hamden, CT

Duval Paint and Decorating logo

“First I would like to thank Nexternal Solutions. Using Nexternal for our online store has proven to be the right decision. Since launching our store we have seen a steady upward trend in sales. The tools in our Order Management System including order processing, reporting, marketing and the dashboard have provided us with more access and information than we ever expected. Our Account Manager has been excellent. He listens to our needs and his availability has been outstanding. We are excited by our Nexternal partnership. ”

Frank T. Jurney - Duval Paint & Decorating - Jacksonville, FL

Inkjetcarts logo

“What we noticed from our old eCommerce provider in concise short and sweet language: "Well it doesn't do that, so we must do ..... this". What we have noticed from Nexternal in the same short and sweet talk: "Wow, it'll do this and that for us?" I can't thank you enough for a great eCommerce solution that will enable us to grow into the future. I can't tell you the appreciation we have to be able to speak/email a single representative - "a go to person" - instead of being passed around the block to every single employee. You guys are set up right and I hope nothing ever changes but your growth and profits.”

Ross Hardie - InkJetCarts - Manville, NJ

Kids Gold Jewelry logo

“Thank you for helping us to implement our new online venture selling kids jewelry. Nexternal simplifies product and data import on a large scale via excel spreadsheets. Managing our store is marvelous and easy to navigate.

We designed our site to be user friendly, and Nexternal compliments this with functionality built in, including easy check-out, unlimited and easy to navigate categories and products, tell a friend, web 2.0, easy to edit articles, online shopper comment boxes, personalized gift messages, and Search Engine Optimized web pages.

Our Account Executive has been informative, thorough and professional in every aspect of our business relationship. Her expertise, prompt response, and her ability to teach us has been invaluable to us in launching our website.”

Eric Braha & Michael Endelman - Kids Gold Jewelry Source - Scottsdale, AZ

Pro Lense logo

“The order processing in Nexternal is much better than the osCommerce system we had been using. Accepting orders, printing packaging slips and invoices is very streamlined. Product catalog management is easier to use and does not require web language specific knowledge.

We also like the way the cart is always visible to the customer which creates a better experience for our customers. Nexternal's support has been fantastic! Our account rep is always very responsive, easy to deal with and helps us by suggesting improvements to our store.”

Leo Joy - Pro-Lens - Goffstown, NH

Hanzell logo

“Nexternal provides Hanzell with the tools to customize our sales technique to suit our model. We don't encourage much involvement in the process from our customers, but rather we use Nexternal to organize and execute our releases as pre-arranged allocations of each wine are automatically shipped to each collector. The solution is effective for what is probably an unusual approach in winery direct-sales, and we chose Nexternal for this reason and the low percentage of revenue collected from executing the sales from the back-end. Nexternal handles our needs perfectly well. It allows us to efficiently handle our growth and to provide top-notch customer service. ”

Michael Terrien - Hanzell Vineyards - Sonoma, CA

Westport Rivers logo

“Nexternal's eCommerce software is set up in such a way that anyone can utilize it. I am not that skilled in computer use, but the system and support provided by those at Nexternal more than make up for my inadequacies.

Order Processing is so easy it's scary! It's actually easier to process orders through the Order Management System than it is face to face with customers or if they were to call on the telephone. I love checking orders daily and processing is a snap! Product Management is great, there are a few "ins & outs" that I needed help with at first, but my Nexternal representative is the best, he really held my hand and guided me along, plus he's so accessible; never further than a quick phone call away.

Our Account Executive is a credit to your company and one of the most approachable and helpful individuals I've ever spoken to. He not only knows your system in and out, but he is so well versed on everything that pertains to eCommerce, shipping, marketing and customer service.”

Craig J. Caesar - Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery - Westport, MA


“My experience with Nexternal has been exceptional. The Order Management System integrated seamlessly with my website and the use and management of it is intuitive and problem free. Transitioning to running wine club automatically with Nexternal turned a very labor intensive process into a total joy. I have also recently integrated my POS system with Nexternal and that process was also flawless and improved our work-flow tenfold. The biggest joy was working with my Account Manager. Her expertise in the wine business and her unbelievable diligence made a very complicated process seem easy and downright enjoyable. I believe Nexternal's commitment to customer service and product support is unmatched in not only the wine industry but probably any industry. I highly recommend transitioning to Nexternal and I would be happy to talk with any future customers.”

Sara Gummere - Transcendence - Lompoc, CA


“Nexternal has streamlined our eCommerce and wine club sales. We started using Nexternal to make running our wine club more efficient and effective. As a Wine Club grows so do the challenges. Nexternal's Order Management System allows us to manage all aspects of our wine clubs - from placing orders to tracking shipments to contacting customers to creating reports. It's user-friendly and if I have a question or suggestion, there's always someone to help.

Our Account Manager is wonderful. She's always available and ready to help with questions and solutions. She's great at working with us to find the best ways to integrate our programs, test new eCommerce marketing options, and take advantage of new features.

We had such a positive experience using Nexternal for our wine club, we added eCommerce shortly after. Setting up eCommerce on our website, our account manager was great about helping us figure out what makes the online shopping experience most convenient to our customers.

I appreciate having shipping, multiple eCommerce platforms, credit card processing, and customer email all integrated. As soon as an order is placed we get a message and within a matter of minutes the order can be processed, shipping labels and packing slips printed, the customer is emailed confirmation, and the order is ready to go out the door.”

Amy Shadell - Noble Estate Vineyard and Winery - Eugene, OR