Flexible Discounting Structures

Nexternal provides a wealth of flexible discounting options so that you can easily run effective and creative promotions. The following list describes the discounting options that are included in the Nexternal eCommerce Platform:


Customers love shopping with an online coupon, and you can set them up very simply in Nexternal. Coupons can provide a percentage off, a flat discount, or free shipping. Coupons can also be set for a specific number of uses and can expire after a certain date. Coupons can be configured to run specific promotions such as "buy one get one free" or "buy product x, get product y at 50% off.

You also have the ability to create coupons that offer a dynamic discount amount that equals a specified amount. Eg. Buy $50 and get $1 shipping! Or you can create a product and use this coupon feature to apply a fixed price to the product. Eg. Buy 5 products and a specified product will be $10!

Regular customer discounts and customer based pricing can be overridden by the coupon. Even if these discounts are set up, it is possible to override these discounts using the Coupon Override feature and hence avoiding a double dip. You can determine whether a coupon overrides: A) all or specific discounts in the store, or B) only discounts associated with the coupon. As you can see, Nexternal's couponing features is very powerful offering merchants flexibility when running promotions.


A Social Sale is a type of coupon that requires a store-wide purchase threshold to be met before taking effect. Once the threshold is met, the Social Sale is considered tipped, and the coupon takes full effect. For example, you might create a coupon that requires 50 unique customers. The Social Sale Coupon would be untipped until the 50th customer uses the coupon, at which point the coupon tips. Social Sales can be highly effective because they incentivize your customers to encourage their friends to also purchase so that the coupon can tip. More information can be found here: Social Commerce.


Order Discounts are percentage or flat rate discounts offered to customers for ordering a specified quantity of Discount Eligible products, or for spending a specified dollar amount. Order Discounts are defined in tiers, so is possible to offer a 10% discount for spending $100 and a $25.00 discount for spending $200. If you want to offer 20% off on orders of 10 or more items, that can also be achieved with Order Discounts. You may create a single set of Order Discount Tiers that applies globally to all customers, or you may create multiple sets of tiers, each of which applies to a single Customer Type.


Category Discounts are percentage or flat amount discounts that are applied to orders when a specified quantity or dollar amount of Discount Eligible products in the category is purchased. The discounts are set up in tiers (e.g. 10% off when 5 products are purchased, 20% off when 10 are purchased; or $10.00 off when $100.00 worth of products are purchased, $20.00 off when $200.00 worth are purchased; etc.). This discounting method looks at all products in the category, regardless of whether or not the category is defined as a primary one.


This discounting method is based on the quantity of a specific product ordered. For example: buy 10 widgets and get 20% off or buy 10 widgets and get $10 off.


This discounting method changes a products price based on the quantity of products ordered in that product's primary top level category. It provides a little more flexibility than standard category discounting because some products may help contribute to a discount but not be discountable on their own.


A Customer Type Discount is a percentage discount applied to all orders for a particular customer type. For example, VIP customers, 10% off all orders.


The Facebook Like & Save feature allows you to offer a discount to customers who click the Facebook Like button for one or more of your products. The Sharing Discount is only applied if the customer purchases the product that is being "liked". There is a limit of one Sharing Discount per order; if the customer "likes" multiple products, only the largest Sharing Discount applies. More information can be found here: Facebook Like & Save.


With product shipping cost overrides, you can specify a specific shipping price for a product. For example, you might run a promo on a specific product for $1 shipping or even free shipping. If other products are included in the order, you can use your standard shipping cost calculator to determine their shipping rates.