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“Last month we launched our mobile-friendly store. Since then we have found that 5% of orders placed come through that channel and I expect that number will only increase with time. Many of those orders are for multiple items which tells me that our mobile customers really enjoy the convenience our mobile-friendly store provides. Nexternal has done a great job designing their mobile commerce application.”

Steve Barbour - Barre Army Navy Store

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Grow Your Business

Mobile stores make it more convenient for customers to shop at their leisure, and in the palm of their hands. It's no secret that mobile opportunities are expanding rapidly. In 2011, global sales of smartphones outpaced sales of PCs for the first time in history. Gartner Research predicts that in a few years, the number of smart phones in use will be significantly greater than the number of PCs. Smart businesses are thinking mobile.

Easy to Activate

Basic activation is a simple click of a button in your system. Once a merchant activates the mobile storefront, a mobile shopper browsing on his/her phone will be redirected to the mobile friendly version automatically. No downloadable app required for customers - just works using regular phone browser.

Convenient & Simple for Your Mobile Customers

Customers can:

Customizable for your Look and Brand

Merchants can:

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