Payflow Pro Compatible Shopping Cart Software

Nexternal's shopping software is compatible with PayPal's Payflow Pro. Payflow Pro is a payment gateway, enabling merchants to process credit cards online. Payflow Pro is one of the most common gateways used by online merchants. Companies using Nexternal's shopping cart software can process payments online efficiently using PayPal's Payflow Pro gateway. Merchants simply need to plug their Payflow Pro login, password, and partner code into Nexternal's Order Management System.

Benefits of processing credit cards online are plentiful. For starters, merchants can authorize credit cards before accepting orders, increasing the likelihood that orders will process successfully. Additionally online merchants can capture a CVV value which has proven to reduce fraud. Best of all, online credit card processing eliminates processing errors and eliminates the need for keying data into a physical merchant terminal.

Nexternal recommends Payment Processing Inc for clients that want to sign up to process credit cards online through Payflow Pro.

Payflow Pro offers a web-based merchant interface for processing transactions called PayPal Manager. However, most processes can be done directly in the Nexternal Order Management System through the Transaction Terminal.

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