Enhanced Inventory Control

Our eCommerce platform comes with basic inventory control functionality. If you are looking for more robust inventory tracking, we offer the Enhanced Inventory Module. The Enhanced Inventory Module includes the following benefits:

Track Inventory Levels at Multiple Pickup Locations

With our standard functionality, inventory is treated as a single number. With Enhanced Inventory, you are able to track inventory for a specific SKU at one ship from location and one or more pickup locations.

Complete Inventory Audit Trail

Need to know how you arrived at your current inventory level for specific products? With Enhanced Inventory, you get a complete audit trail including increments, transfers, and decrements. This is all viewable in a user-friendly report.

Capture Cost of Goods Sold for New Inventory

With our basic inventory module a product is assigned one Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). Enhanced Inventory takes into account that COGS can fluctuate and will use a weighted average calculation to track COGS. This uses a first-in, first-out depletion strategy.

User Accountability for Inventory Modifications

For inventory transactions, keep track of who updates inventory and when, providing complete accountability.

Physical Inventory Count

The Enhanced Inventory Module has a friendly count screen when it is time to true things up.

Available, Pending, On Hand, and Reserve Buckets

When looking at a specific SKU, you can quickly see available, on hand, pending, and reserve inventory buckets.

Our Enhanced Inventory Module is very effective and is flexible enough to keep inventory levels accurate.

To learn more about our Enhanced Inventory Module or see a demo of it in action, please give us a call at 888-430-4489.