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B2C, B2B, Mobile, Phone & Amazon Orders

Brands can use our Commerce Platform to capture and manage all of their orders. Whether orders are captured directly from consumers, businesses, your call center, or Amazon, we have you covered. Your sales reps can even take orders on mobile devices!

Order Management System

In just seconds, our eCommerce platform allows you to capture credit card payments, print invoices and shipping labels, generate tracking numbers, and send automated notifications to customers. Even issuing refunds or processing bulk orders is quick and easy with our simple but powerful Order Management System. Nexternal is integrated with FedEx, USPS, Endicia, DHL, and UPS, so real time rates will be displayed to your customers in the always-on-screen shopping cart. If you use an external fulfillment house, our XML tool-set allows for seamless integration with their software.

Business to Consumer Orders

Our eCommerce Platform provides an ideal shopping experience with the always-on-screen shopping cart. Shoppers can enter a coupon, determine shipping charges and tax, or edit shopping cart contents without leaving the shopping environment. This helps to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase order size. We believe that online shopping should be quick, easy, and intuitive, and we've designed every aspect of our software with this in mind.

Business to Business Orders

If you sell directly to businesses at wholesale prices or you have a salesforce that places orders for their customers, then you'll be taking advantage of our Business to Business (B2B) portal. The password protected B2B online store looks and functions just like the Business to Customer (B2C) store, but with greater control. You can create unlimited customer types with unique product pricing, visibility, and payment options.

Cater to Mobile Consumers

Nexternal will deliver a mobile-friendly version of your catalog to iPhone and Droid users. Not only is the catalog mobile friendly, but the entire checkout process is optimized for a mobile device. To see an example, visit store.firstfairway.com on your smart phone.

Capture Phone Orders

Most of our clients love the Order Management System so much that they opt to capture phone orders with it as well. You can setup a special guest level user for your call center agents and capture all of your orders in one place. It is fast and simple. The account administrators can also create a report to see which users are capturing the most orders in a given time period.

Manage Amazon Orders

If you are selling in the Amazon marketplace, you can have those orders automatically flow into the Order Management System. The advantages of this are twofold: 1)You can use our order processing tools to quickly and efficiently get those orders out the door 2) Your inventory will be accurately and automatically decremented.

Subscription Management / Recurring Orders

Subscription orders offer your customers a convenient service, while generating recurring revenue for your business! Our eCommerce Platform allows you to capture and automatically create subscription orders with a complete back-end subscription management system. Customers can save time without having to place new orders, and count on you to keep their goods coming! Best of all, they can manage various aspects of their subscription online (self service).

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