Upgrading to the Nexternal eCommerce Platform

It is easy to switch to Nexternal's ecommerce platform. Simply upload your product data via our pre-formatted import template, enter your shipping and payment preferences, and you are on your way. Your account will receive a dedicated customer service representative to ensure the transition process is smooth and efficient. As a part of the setup, we'll customize the look at feel of your store to match that of your current site.

Thinking of making the switch? Many Nexternal clients have graduated from other systems. Here are some actual results:

...we have increased sales by more than 50% since implementing Nexternal.”

William Brownie - HearingPlanet - Brentwood, TN

...Our sales for the same time frame in 2009 were slightly below $6,000 and this year our sales were over $12,000! Thank you Nexternal for helping us to increase our business so significantly! We look forward to making more positive changes throughout the upcoming year!”

Samantha Kirby - Cran Barry - Lynn, MA

“ Since we have been with Nexternal we have increased our monthly direct sales by 34%. ”

Charlene Redd - Keepsake Imprints - La Grange, CA

Our gross sales have doubled in the 2+ years that we have been working with Nexternal! I was concerned about the monthly cost but it has come back many fold. Our decision to use Nexternal is one of the best business decisions that we have made in the last 5 years. Nexternal has the best customer service of any company that we work with. Customers really like the way that the cart remains open as they order. We now get most of our orders online because it is just as easy to order on line as to call and the web site is available 24 hours a day.”

Steven Barbour - Barre Army/Navy Store - Barre, VT

“...we've increased our online sales volume 50 fold with the help of Nexternal. The order management system deployed quickly and gave us a world-class infrastructure to grow our business. Due to the success of a viral marketing campaign, our online orders literally skyrocketed from 6 per day to 106 per day overnight. Since that time we have had days where we've taken and processed more than 1800 orders through the system - something that would not have been possible with our past ecommerce solution.”

Dan Green - Simple Truths - Naperville, IL

“After a long time of searching for a both a B2C and back office solution that meets my business' needs, Nexternal was as close as I could find to a custom application (which would have been quite a big investment upfront, and taken a very long time to develop). The customer interface and experience, is one of the best I have seen(!!) - better in my opinion, than even some of the well known Internet vendors (Amazon,1800Flowers, etc). I think Nexternal's operational model of a sales professional who is extremely knowledgeable in the product AND provides all post sales support should be the GOLD STANDARD for Software industry. I have been involved with technology most of my career and I have yet to experience such an effective and comprehensive approach for conducting business in this area. The operational efficiency we have been able to realize through the software (management of off-line as well as on-line orders in one place, integration with freight carriers, CC processing etc) allowed us to grow 15% in only 3 months.”

Dan Shamai - Old Country Bakery - Lenexa, KS

Our sales have increased 80% on e-commerce alone since we've added Nexternal as a business partner.”

Martin Fisher - North Pole City - Oklahoma City, OK

“Our monthly sales have gone up more than 100% since we went live with Nexternal. ”

Ellen Warner - Alzheimer's Store - Cumming, GA