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CartStack helps Nexternal customers recover abandoned shopping carts with an easy, inexpensive email reminder solution. Integration with Nexternal is fast and easy. Click here to learn more.


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Many online merchants don't have the resources available in-house to generate great email marketing campaigns. If your company is struggling with email marketing or wants to take it to the next level, consider AnnexCore. Many Nexternal clients have benefited from AnnexCore over the last few years.

AnnexCore is a full-service digital marketing agency providing online solutions for businesses looking to increase their return on investment and expand their business globally.

Email marketing is our specialty and as MailChimp experts, we're able offer Nexternal clients a broad range of services from consulting, training, creating advance campaigns, creating custom templates, setting up MailChimp accounts, and even managing them!

We provide services to Nexternal clients with a commitment toward maintaining values that benefit both the customer and the company. Our philosophy is to create a win-win situation that puts the client first because when the client wins, we also win!

For more information about how we can help you with your email marketing effort, please email us at You can also visit our website at to learn more about us and what we can do for you!


Connect. Captivate. Convert. Wield provides website design, custom development, and search marketing services for Nexternal customers. Over the past decade, we have built dozens of Nexternal stores and assisted Nexternal clients in getting the most out of their Nexternal Platform.