Application Integrators

Nexternal provides an XML Toolset to enable integration with third party applications. Should you not have the in-house capabilities or time to perform such an integration, you might consider hiring one of the following integration companies:


LogicBroker enables you to effortlessly exchange information from Nexternal electronically with almost any ERP or EDI system. Reduce your cost per transaction and eliminate manual tasks by securely and reliably integrating Nexternal with your ERP or EDI system.

FarApp Web Services

FarApp Web Services offers an automated hub to integrate your Nexternal ecommerce systems to your central business system. Automated features include:

  • Order-Processing - Automatic posting of Nexternal Orders to your business system.
  • Order Status/Tracking Feedback - Post tracking and shipment status information from your central business system to your Nexternal Order Management System.
  • Inventory Updates - Posts current inventory values to Nexternal Order Management System from your central business system.

For just $200/month, FarApp will automate the communication between Nexternal and NetSuite.