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Nexternal & Salesforce.com - Integrated eCommerce & CRM

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“With the new interface from Nexternal, we can eliminate developer expenses for transferring our data over to Salesforce. Also many hours will be saved as new products we add to Nexternal will be automatically added to our Salesforce database. What a time and dollar savings this App is! ”

Michele Lofchie - Simple Truths

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Salesforce.com is the leader in customer relationship management and cloud computing. Nexternal has built a free turn-key application, available in the Salesforce AppExchange, called the Nexternal eCommerce Connector. Companies that use Salesforce and Nexternal are able to use the Nexternal eCommerce Connector to automatically pull orders with associated line items from Nexternal into Salesforce.com as closed / won opportunities. Customers from Nexternal's eCommerce Platform are pulled in and mapped to the Salesforce.com Account and Contacts objects which will include activities created in Nexternal. Products sold in the online store will also be pulled into Salesforce in the Products object and will include sales data. eCommerce Connector enables Salesforce.com users to view an Account and see all information pertaining to that account including order history.

To learn more, visit our latest eCommerce Connector listing in the Salesforce.com AppExchange and download the Nexternal eCommerce Connector Configuration Guide.