eCommerce for QuickBooks®

By integrating our eCommerce platform with QuickBooks® by Intuit, we are able to offer online merchants time saving benefits. Customer and order data flow in real-time between the merchant's Nexternal store, and their QuickBooks® accounting system. This integration eliminates error-prone, and time consuming manual data entry and ensures accuracy in the merchant's QuickBooks® accounting system. As orders flow into QuickBooks® inventory is decremented accordingly. You are also able to automate the push of inventory from TrueCommerce Transaction Manager into the Nexternal eCommerce Platform.

Our eCommerce platform works seamlessly with the following versions of QuickBooks®:

Using our integration, you are able to port all of your Nexternal orders into QuickBooks regardless if they originated in your own online store, your Amazon Seller Central account, via phone, or in person using TrueCommerce Engage. Our integration with QuickBooks creates new customers, sales orders, and invoices for any order that lands in your Nexternal Order Management System regardless of channel. If orders are shipped out of QuickBooks it will also update the Order Management System with updated shipping information like ship date and tracking information.

QuickBooks Compatible eCommerce

Our QuickBooks® integration is a premium feature we call TrueCommerce Connect which has an associated additional fee. Contact your eCommerce account manager for details.