Policy URLs

Software Update Released on 11/16/2012  

If you are using the Nexternal.NET Online Store Version (Layout/General Layout in the Order Management System) and have created a Privacy, Shipping, or Return Policy (Settings/Policies, Addenda, and Disclaimers), you may now link directly to those polices on their own pages.

The polices are located at http://www.nexternal.com/AccountName/privacypolicy.aspx, http://www.nexternal.com/AccountName/shippingpolicy.aspx, and http://www.nexternal.com/AccountName/returnpolicy.aspx. If you are using a Domain Alias, (Settings/Site Options), you may use the URLs http://DomainAlias/privacypolicy.aspx, http://DomainAlias/shippingpolicy.aspx, and http://DomainAlias/returnpolicy.aspx.

Note: If you wish to prevent Bordering HTML (Layout/Advanced Layout) from appearing, add ?HideBordering=True to the end of the URL.

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