Why You'll Love Nexternal

There are hundreds of eCommerce solutions on the market today. Digging through a list of features and trying to differentiate the options can be daunting to say the least. Moreover, many e-commerce systems have a similar set of features such as online credit card processing, built in search capabilities and shipping rate calculators. How well these features are designed is quite another story. What separates Nexternal from the competition?

it just works

1. It Works the Moment You Sign Up

How many times have you signed up for a service or installed a program only to later find out that there are additional add-ons that you need or special hardware? Nexternal offers one complete e-commerce system. Moreover, Nexternal's Development Team takes great pride in the quality of its software. Bugs are not tolerated. When features are developed, they are completely thought out, well built, and thoroughly tested. There is a reason that Nexternal has been recognized by the Software & Information Industry Association three years in a row for having one of the best e-commerce solutions on the market.

shipping integration

2. Complete Integration with the Major Shipping Carriers

Many e-commerce packages claim to have integration with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS. Often this "integration" means that the merchant must export data to a separate file and import it into the shipping carrier's software. With Nexternal, shipping labels are created directly in the web based Order Management System saving time and reducing errors.


3. First Class Customer Support

Every e-commerce company claims to have great customer support. Nexternal means it. Each client is paired with a dedicated Account Executive for the duration of the partnership. All Account Executives are trained experts in e-commerce and know the software inside and out. Nexternal continuously releases new tools to help merchants succeed online (http://www.nexternal.com/updates). Unlike most e-commerce companies, Nexternal does not charge additional fees for support.


4. XML Tools for Integration with 3rd Party Systems

As an online business grows, the importance of automating communication between systems become increasingly important. Very few e-commerce packages offer XML Tools. XML makes is possible to automatically pull and send data to Nexternal's e-commerce software, allowing for streamlined communication between programs.


5. Reliability and Scalability

With many e-commerce packages, a merchant's online store is hosted on one server creating a single point of failure. Nexternal utilizes load balancing across an entire network of servers resulting in consistent speed and reliability. If an application server fails, Nexternal online stores are still up and running eliminating downtime.

customer segmentation

6. Customer Segmentation Capabilities

Not all customers are the same. Nexternal's software enables merchants to set up different customer types. Merchants can control product visibility, product pricing, discounts and payment methods per customer type. This gives merchants the ability to handle a variety of transactions including business to business transactions and sales to preferred customers.


7. Exporting Tools and Reporting

Nexternal believes merchants should have access to their data (orders, products, and customers) and a way to conveniently make sense of it. Nexternal's software offers very complete reporting. Merchants can also export their data at any time to Excel or Access formats.


8. Consistent Branding is Important

When a merchant signs up for Nexternal's service, a design team immediately goes to work synchronizing the look and feel of the online store with the web site. Nexternal's software offers the design flexibility to make the shopping cart look and feel like the rest of the merchant's web site. Merchants can design their web site any way that they see fit and the shopping cart application can then be configured to look like that site. Moreover, every email that reaches the merchant's customer is completely branded to the merchant. Tracking emails don't come from the shipping carrier; they come from the merchant and have the same branding as the rest of the web site. Consistent Branding is a key ingredient in getting repeat customers.