Is Nexternal PCI Compliant?
We are proud to be a PCI Service Level 1 Provider. Our PCI audit was conducted by a Qualified Security (QSA) Assessor, SecurityMetrics Inc. Our third party penetration test was conducted by a second QSA, Sikich LLP. Both of these companies have been qualified by the PCI Security Standards Council to validate an entity's adherence to PCI DSS. For the most recent copy of our PCI Attestation of Compliance (AOC), please reach out to your Nexternal account manager.
What does Nexternal provide?
Nexternal provides web-based ecommerce software to businesses serious about online sales. Nexternal is an Application Service Provider (ASP) meaning that the software developed by Nexternal is also hosted, managed, and maintained on its secure servers. Merchants using Nexternal's software need only a web browser to access the software.
I have noticed that some of your client's sites have "store.nexternal.com" in the URL of the online store. Can I display my own domain name in my online store?
Yes. Using the domain alias feature, you can use your own domain in the online store. Learn more about how to set up a domain alias.
How long will it take me to set up my store?
Depending on the size and complexity of your product line, setup time can last anywhere from one day to a couple of weeks.
How do customers reach my online store?
Nexternal's shopping cart software is meant to act as an extension of the merchant's web site. Nexternal clients simply create a link from their homepage to their online store. Merchants may also choose to create direct links to specific categories and products within the online store. To see an example, visit the sample online golf retailer at www.firstfairway.com.
Will the Nexternal's software work with my current web site?
Absolutely. Nexternal's storefront can be endlessly customized to mesh with the look and feel of any preexisting web site. For a first-hand look at Nexternal's vast aesthetic versatility, feel free to visit our Featured Clients page. You'll notice that the store will blend perfectly with any web site (including Flash sites) as well as accommodate to even the most complex product line.
I sell mostly gift products. Is there a way I can allow my customers to select their delivery date upon checkout?
Yes. By utilizing time in transit information and merchant specified lead-times, merchants can allow their customers to select a preferred delivery date when checking out. In the back end Order Management System, the merchant is able to see which orders need to go out on that specific day in order for the customer to get the package on the desired date.
For Search Engine Optimization purposes, I want to use very specific title tags on my category and product display pages. Is this easy to do?
Nexternal.NET was built from the ground up to be Search Engine Friendly. Merchants have complete control over title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags. More specific information is located on the Search Engine Friendly Page.
I already have landing pages set up for a marketing campaign I am running. Once a customer clicks through the page to my store I want the product(s) already waiting for the customer in their cart. Is this possible?
Yes, Nexternal's software accepts add To Cart and Quantity query string parameters within the Product URLs so that when a customer arrives in the store via that URL, the appropriate product(s) is already placed in the shopping cart. This can be effective with email campaigns.
I have different brands under the same corporate umbrella. How do I customize the layout of each category in my store to promote the brand that it is associated with?
Merchants can specify different layout classes based on Category or Product IDs. This allows the layout to change based on the area of the store that the customer is shopping.
I want to run a social sale that has a tipping component. I know I can hire Groupon or Living Social but they take a significant percentage of the proceeds. Can I set up a social sale in Nexternal's ecommerce software instead?
Yes, Nexternal's shopping cart software has robust Social Sale capabilities. Details on this powerful marketing tool can be seen on the Social Commerce Page.
Some of my products are perishable while other are not. How do I control the available shipping methods to my customers based on product type and the ship to address?
Merchants can specify if products require expedited shipping and then in the Shipping section specify which methods are available for those products. Additionally a merchant can specify zones so that a perishable product can be sent ground to a customer that is within a one day delivery area and yet only have more expedited shipping options for customers who live across the country.
My accountant tells me that we need to collect sales tax on shipping, but in only some states. To further complicate this requirement, some of our products are not taxable so if those are shipped to a state where we would normally collect tax on shipping, we do not if the order only contains those products. How do I solve this problem?
Nexternal allows you to control for very sophisticated tax collection scenarios. In additional to selecting which states to collect tax in, a merchant can also specify if they also need to collected tax on shipping charges. Within the tax on shipping selection, a merchant can also specify if it is OIP (only if positive) to control for scenarios where the products in the order do not have tax there for the shipping also is not taxed when it otherwise would be within that state. More info can be see on the Sales Tax page.
I already use Salesforce.com as my CRM system. Can I have the orders from Nexternal pushed to my Salesforce.com account?
Yes, Nexternal can push shipped information to Salesforce.com to the Opportunity, Account, Contact, and Product Objects. To learn more about Nexternal's eCommerce Connector visit the Salesforce.com eCommerce Connector page.
Our products have limited releases with large demand. Can I allocate my products so that different customer types can purchase specific amounts of each product?
Nexternal allows merchants to specify the amount that a customer is allocated of a specific product. These allocations can also have a time component (start and end date) if necessary.
If I plan to sell thousands of products, will I have to add each product individually?
No. Nexternal's product import feature will allow you add your entire product line as well as your entire customer database to the online store by importing a populated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Nexternal also offers an XML API that allows clients to create products in an automated manner.
Can Nexternal's Software "talk" with other applications?
Yes, Nexternal offers a set of XML Tools to allow for integration with third party systems that house similar data. Nexternal Solution's ecommerce software will also export transaction and sales data into 4 different file types; QuickBooks, MYOB, MS Excel, or MS Access for an easy data import into your legacy system. Product, inventory, and customer information can also be imported via MS Excel files. Customer information can be updated or created using web forms or via our XML Tools.
Can I sell downloadable products through your software?
At this time Nexternal does not offer a tool to sell downloadable products as part of its core ecommerce platform. However, one of our partners, Virtual Product Solutions, does offer an integrated tool to sell downloads. You may contact them directly for more information.
Does the system have a currency converter?
Yes. If Nexternal's shopping cart detects that the customer is in a foreign country, it will offer the customer the option to see product prices in their currency. Exchange rates are updated automatically every day.
When I print shipping labels for foreign orders, are customs documents included?
Can we host Nexternal's software on our servers?
No. Nexternal prefers to manage its ecommerce software on its servers. Doing so allows Nexternal to efficiently manage new features, security, redundancy, and data backups.
Do you host our website?
No. Nexternal only hosts the shopping cart portion of your website. You can use any hosting provider you would like for basic website hosting.
I have a b2c and a b2b business. Can I use one Nexternal Account to manage orders from both?
Yes. Nexternal's software offers both a B2C and B2B module. Merchants can control product visibility and product pricing by customer type.
How do I process credit cards?
There are two credit card processing options. You might choose to process your orders through traditional means using an existing merchant terminal or take advantage of Nexternal's unique one-click online credit card processing technology. To take advantage of the later, you must establish an account with a payment gateway such as Payflow Pro, Authorize.net, or Paymentech. If you have an account with such a gateway, you have the option to allow orders to be authorized at the time of the order is placed. Nexternal's software is also compatible with PayPal.
Is Nexternal's software integrated with all of the major shipping carriers? Can I create Shipping Labels directly from the Order Management System or do I need to export and import order data?
Yes. Nexternal is completely integrated with UPS, FedEx, GOS, and USPS. Merchants can quote real-time rates and track packages. Best of all, merchants can create shipping labels with postage directly from Nexternal's Order Management System. All of this can be done with the click of a button. There is no need to export and import data. (Note: Nexternal has integrated with Endicia to allow for USPS label creation with postage). Creating shipping labels in this manner can lower fulfillment time by more than 60% and reduce errors.
If I am using the Shipping Tools to create labels, can I print to my thermal printer?
A thermal printer can be used if printing UPS, FedEx, or USPS Endicia labels.
Can I use the software if I ship using other carriers such as an independent trucking company (LTL)?
Though Nexternal's software has the most extensive integration with UPS, FedEx, GSO, and USPS you can still use the software and ship via other carriers. Rather than pulling real time rates from other carriers, you will be able to choose from one of ten different shipping cost calculators to estimate shipping costs for your customers.
Can I specify which states and countries I will and will not ship to?
Yes. Merchants can specify which states they will and will not ship to. Additionally, merchants can designate certain products as having shipping restrictions. This can be very important to the wine industry.
Do I have to pay for customer service?
No. Nexternal provides toll-free tech support for all of its clients at no cost. Better than that, each client get his or her own dedicated Account Manager. It is in Nexternal's best interest to see its clients succeed and Nexternal is there for you every step of the way! Please see our testimonials page to learn more about the quality of service.
I segment my customers into different groupings. I know that Nexternal supports this. Is there a way for the segmentation to happen automatically based on the product that the customer orders?
Yes, using the customer type upgrade feature a merchant can have their customers automatically segmented based on a product they have added to their shopping cart. This is handy if you want the customer type to change when the customer adds a membership type of product to their cart.
Am I committed to use Nexternal for a specified length of time?
No. Should you decide that Nexternal's ecommerce software is not the best fit for your business, you can terminate at any time. Simple sign the termination agreement and fax it to 760-239-6911.
I need to have a trigger so that once a customer spends a specific amount of money a product is automatically added to the cart for free. Does Nexternal support this?
The Nexternal system supports four different automatic add to cart triggers which are: Coupon, Product, Category, and QueryString. Details on effectively using triggers can be found on the eCommerce blog.
I see that many large companies use Nexternal's software. Can smaller companies use this software also?
Absolutely, the majority of clients using Nexternal's software are small to mid-sized businesses.
Due to the nature of my business I do not want a traditional shopping cart experience on my website. What I need is a one page conversion tool. Can Nexternal help?
Yes. Nexternal's software includes Direct Checkout. This innovative tool provides the fastest shopping experience possible for single item orders. Details can be seen on the Direct Checkout page.
How do I get started?
Simply go to our Sign Up page and fill out the form provided. Your store(s) and Order Management System will be created instantly. The process takes less than five minutes. If you have signed up for a free trial and want to activate that account, you may do so by logging into your Free Trial Order Management System, clicking the Account menu option and then selecting "Activate Account."